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Your Name 7:54 pm, Wed 01-12
Schirmy 2:33 pm, Wed 01-12
your average SHM fan
trilogy 7:23 am, Wed 01-12
also you can’t say brandon flowers sounded bad in flh when sam martin literally had pills in his mouth in the released version
trilogy 7:12 am, Wed 01-12
i would’ve preferred to see yustin in the chat again over these messages
Schirmy 9:12 pm, Tue 30-11
don’t drink the SA """art""" kool aid =)
Schirmy 9:11 pm, Tue 30-11
FLH had a garbage vocal people cream over and bad song structure; Sentido would be nice but it’s just a remode of Pjanooooo
LouisDlcr 6:39 pm, Tue 30-11
LouisDlcr 6:39 pm, Tue 30-11
you don’t care about Feels Like Heaven and Sentido ?
Schirmy 6:16 pm, Tue 30-11
who cares
trilogy 4:35 pm, Tue 30-11
new steve info just dropped
LouisDlcr 10:39 pm, Sat 27-11
too much info came from these q&a, I already must have forgotten many
LouisDlcr 10:39 pm, Sat 27-11
oh yea saw you there, cant remember what was your question tho
000001 5:50 pm, Sat 27-11
U should know who I am on the server. nice that steve answered my question, i remember DM ing him on insta some years ago talking about God
LouisDlcr 9:19 am, Fri 26-11
im Wolvpak on the server
LouisDlcr 9:19 am, Fri 26-11
that was insane to chat with seb
trilogy 12:21 am, Wed 24-11
Schirmy 6:44 pm, Tue 23-11
trilogy my ID prefer upload more please
LouisDlcr 4:42 pm, Mon 22-11
you’re og if you have the leaks before Your Name shares them here
trilogy 4:39 am, Mon 22-11
self proclaimed "free thinkers" when your name announces on the ax forum that they have a leaked song


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