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Post atalibacarpes12 Jun 2018, 17:58

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So idk if you saw Max Vangeli's accusations over Diplo etc but in the thread, Marcus Schossow hit up ZEDD for ignoring a remix he an Years did for ZEDD, he shared the remix and allowed downloads: ... 7815165957

PM me if this tweet get deleted and if you want me to send the remix
I'm not Anton's lawyer, by the way I'm very sad about the direction that he has taken nowadays but... Zedd does not have any obligation to evaluate every remix he receives. In other hand, Diplo HAS an moral obligation to be a nice person to EVERYONE, not just DJs.

I mean.. Marcus shoot in the water this time.
... what? Could you please elaborate on why diplo has the moral obligation to be a nice person to everyone?? Are you being sarcastic? :mrgreen:

But on another note, why does diplo get hyped and mainstream love in general? Good PR work by his agent or is his content just that good and that's why he's popular in the US? I am genuinely wondering.
Every human being in the world has this obligation, at minimum. In a respectful perspective.

Diplo don't even respect other DJs. And, in my opinion, in any moment Zedd has disrespected Marcus.
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Post cotu19 Aug 2020, 18:46

Annotation 2020-08-19 213739.png

Arpolo(r)gy is one of the tracks of the year imo. Total utter bliss. But big big up to Rabbit Hole as well, love this whole melodic acid kind of fusioin. Very solid EP.
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Post House520 Aug 2020, 14:12

Wow, sounds very nice indeed! We have the "dark" track and the "melodic" one, so the EP is balanced, I'll make sure to save that 8-)
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Post XIX08 Jan 2021, 05:00

gardenstate have really been making a name for themselves with big Anjuna support this past year! There may be an album in the works - hoping to see more from the project in 2021 as it seems to be Marcus’ main focus at the moment.

A few recent highlights:


Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (gardenstate extended remix)

Gabriel & Dresden - Something Bigger (gardenstate remix)
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