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Post House520 Apr 2020, 07:49

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enrico wrote:
19 Apr 2020, 06:54
House5 wrote:
15 Apr 2020, 16:02
The 2nd track sounds ace! Do we know when it's getting released?
Wow, how opinions can differ.

My 2 cents: the drops sound like 2007 Elekktro to me, and not in a good way. Also, the break is too long.
It's because it's a bit in the same vein as this:
Pretty nice vibes to me!
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I worship Axwell
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Post CHUD Online20 Dec 2020, 13:38

What was once known as a collab between Shapov and NERAK now released from NERAK only: edit: Actually it was NERAK all along, according to 1001tracklists. Shapov played it at TML2019.
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Post tony cru22 Dec 2020, 05:44

ohh yes finally
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Post Arman23 Dec 2020, 17:29

Soo, what do you think about the track that started in 07:00? Shapov solo or... new Axwell & Shapov maybe? It sounds fucking amazing, especially the breakdown. Pretty interesting that no one mentioned this one.