WTF?! Hungarian House Mafia?

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Post Iammesol06 Sep 2008, 00:13

Latest post of the previous page:

It's a media given name, guys. Not like anyone has copyright on it...
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Post daherbst06 Sep 2008, 08:38

Well Sam you know it far better than me - but wasn't the Mafia thing Axwells idea?

The discussion is def not a judical one - if the name is protected - I'm sure Axwells lawer will care about them!

I still think - if it is like Bosco said - lame to copy anything in this way...

@ Hustlerboy: if it is like you say - actually none of the HHM cares about Bosco and what he says - and your comment is useless!
Especially the national thing- can't believe it! :lol:

@ Bosco: next time your opinion isn't proper you get denationalised! :D

@ Andrea: if you are 14 - your reaction was great! ;)

Anyway - I would say we are here to talk about the greatest minor matter in the world: GOOD House music - the rest is pm.
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Post Boscó06 Sep 2008, 09:02

that is, that is!

it isn't about the copyright thing but the lamest thing i've every seen and the reason why they did it... ;)

Andrea you are only 14? :o Glad to know about the 14-year-old guys there like good music! ;)
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Post Kris Kay06 Sep 2008, 12:21


I can see why some people arnt happy with it but hey, what can anyone do really? Im sure it will phaze out, i cant see them being as international somehow.

We dont really want to be locking down threads and banning people just for having an opinion, all we ask is that no one becomes personally offensive to other people on the forum. Its about freedom of speech on the tinternet.

Keep it real

KK/ :mrgreen:
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Post Getdumb07 Sep 2008, 03:03

Hamvai PG sucks.
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Post ANDREA13 Sep 2008, 12:47

There is also a Belgian House Mafia! :evil:

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Post Dirty Sanchez14 Sep 2008, 22:58

This escalated quickly lol
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Post buzihamvai29 Mar 2009, 17:40


!!! WARNING !!!

Here is the Hungarian House Maffia with double F again. 8-)


ENJOYYYY it ;) ;)
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Post Nylander29 Mar 2009, 19:43

HAHAHA i laughed so hard when i saw that :lol:
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Post micha29 Mar 2009, 21:05

just using the name to get some of the fame?
quite lame....
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Post Mxtone29 Mar 2009, 22:05

hustlerboy wrote:Boscó let me ask you smthing: Who the f*ck you are? Really!

How dare you to say bad things about Hungarian Dj's to other nations, though being a Hungarian yourself as well. Are you a real Hungarian??? Are you the one who tells bad things about Hamvai PG? He is the nr 1 in Hungary and you copying him too. Are you the one who dare to gossiping about theft and personality, when you are keep asking Axwel what trousers he wears!

As it is the Hungarian House Maffia declares: Bosco is a snitcher!!!

Sanction: Banned from the Hungarian clubs coz you are a Rat, internet askisser!
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
they guy bleavie that its a real mafia !!!!!! loooolll
hmm maybe after consling ur god father (Hamvai PG) u can assassinated the guy for being a snitcher using some tommy guns ?:D
great work dude right just taken from the godfather movie !!!!!!
dont worry Bosco we got ur back on this ;D
now i thank god million times a day for living in egypt because our club sense isnt fucked up like that
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