Tips to stop procrastinating at music producing

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Post abcur15 May 2019, 06:40

hey guys :)

does any of you have any good tips regarding how to stop procrastinating when music producing, i struggle a lot with just starting a good project without waisting too much time linger on what to do.

any tips to get over this problem ?
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Post hedz21 May 2019, 14:07

If you're talking about producing something from scratch, you should maybe start enjoying music production instead of looking at them as projects. When I produced music I noticed that most of my tracks came from moments where I simply opened the DAW and played around with synths and pianos and shit, with no clear objective of what I was trying to achieve.

Setting small goals while working on a project is also nice, where you can define some deadlines for yourself to set structure etc, it will start generating a little bit of discipline until you'll start feeling you have a workflow of some sorts.
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