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Post briantwopaws03 Dec 2018, 10:14

I'm editing a wedding video at the moment, and the couple MET at a Swedish House Mafia gig here in Ireland (one that didn't go to well, but this couple meeting and marrying may have been the one positive to come from it! Two positives if you include their kid!)

It's not possible to license SHM music for use commercially (within wedding video budgets anyway!) but seeing as the band are back together, do you think there's any way of getting in touch with them to get them to do a quick hello for the couple?

Twitter seems fairly long shot, but is there any way of getting in touch with management etc? Reddit suggested here!

Cheers everyone if you do have any ideas, if not, no worries, no harm in asking around!
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Post Elroy06 Jan 2019, 13:44

When Amy was dealing with their mgmt, i would've said you could best contact her team, but now.. I don't really know mate. Good luck on finishing the video, though. Hope it all worked out.