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Didas Send private message Post 02 Aug 2016, 15:49

Bottom post of the previous page:

:lol: :lol: :lol: seveli !!

well you really have to dig and dig.. you're in the right way. welcome and enjoy music.
"When I'm making music I try to create something that is different... something that makes my ears happy.."
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PATWELL Send private message Post 16 Aug 2016, 16:24

Hello everyone!

My name is Patrick, I'm 21 and I'm from the USA. I've been following the forum religiously for more than 2 years now, so needless to say, I'm really excited to finally have an account.

I got into dance music the same way a lot of Americans did...through dubstep. Skrillex was really getting popular around 2012, and I really enjoyed listening to his stuff. I'm rather ashamed to say that that progressed into my enjoyment of EDM. I was into the horrendous big room stuff by Hardwell and DV&LM. I now realize what an idiot I was back then haha.

Luckily, it didn't last too long. I really started to get into more melodic music around early/mid 2013 when I heard Alesso's remix of If I Lose Myself. That's the track that really changed the direction of my music taste. (Side note, I love that /\ still play that track). I started to listen more and more to Alesso and realized this was my kind of music.

As I started to dig for more music like Alesso's I started to become a little familiar with Axwell. Every time I came across an Axwell track on YouTube, all the comments would talk about how he's the God of house music. I wanted to see for myself, and the more I dug, the more I realized these people were right.

In summer of 2014, I heard Feel the Pressure WTP mix, and that was the track that made me an Axwell worshipper. I couldn't get enough of his music. I kept digging and digging, and thank God I did, because I'm now obsessed with his music.

I couldn't believe how amazing all these gems from the early 2000's were. Wait A Minute, Lead Guitar, Felicidad, Libre, Hard To Beat remix, So Right, Transatlantic Flight?? A whole new world of music was revealed to me, and I could not and still can't get enough of it!

All my friends know me as the weirdo who worships a Swedish dude who pushes buttons and turns knobs for a living. But I'm totally okay with that because his music makes me happy.

It's really tough living in a place where pretty much no ones knows who Ax is. I always say "Oh you know who he is. Ever heard Don't You Worry Child? He's one of the three guys who made that track." I'm really happy to be in a place where I can share my passion for Ax's music and not have to explain myself like that every time.

Other than Ax, NEW_ID is definitely my favorite artist. I also like the usual suspects...Steve Angello, Dirty South, Marcus Schossow, Kolsch, Joris Voorn, Eric Prydz, Kryder and Tom Staar.

Looking forward to talking all things Ax with you guys!
"If the music makes you feel something before your brain tells you something, that's good."
- Axwell
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I worship Axwell
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Didas Send private message Post 17 Aug 2016, 21:57

I get you.. haha. But hey... from dubstep to Ax, thats a great achievmnt. welcome to the forum and keep diggin'... his old stuff is so great. But that u already know.
"When I'm making music I try to create something that is different... something that makes my ears happy.."
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Elroy Send private message Post 26 Oct 2016, 19:26

Uh, hi.

I never really introduced myself on here.
My name's Elroy, currently 19 years old and I live in The Netherlands.

Finishing up my school at the moment with a full year of internship. I'm also an instructor in a climbing park.

I'm keeping the 'how I got in touch with this'-story short.
I got in touch with Axwell's music through my brother.
He used to play his tracks all the time and I really had to get into it at first.
Later on. I really started to dig it. later on, I fell in love with it.
Shortly after that SHM became a thing and I fell in love with them as well.
I followed everything that surrounded the guys after that.

When my brother went to their OLT show in Amsterdam. I was REALLY bummed out that I couldn't go. Since I wasn't 18 years old, yet. I just had to see them.

I'm also insanely interested in video and movie production. That's why I'm kind of a fanboy of Nicolas as well. I just really like the things he creates and puts together.

Anything you're interested about? Just hit me up and I'll be happy to answer your questions. :-)
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ananthkama Send private message Post 09 Dec 2016, 17:15

It feels great to be a part of this forum!

Hi guys/axwellians :D
I'm Ananth Kamat from Bangalore, India
23 years old and im currently done with my MBA in finance.

As a teenager i always had a great ear for music, i learnt how to play the guitar and piano on my own and later took help of FL Studio to make my own remakes of bollywood tracks.

Dance music all started for me when i first heard Call on me by prydz and i just couldn't stop drooling over that tune. i guess i heard that tune way late in 2008 and then used to download the ministry of sound albums from which i got a taste of music from bob sinclair and eventually the SHM trio.

Axwell for me became an obsession when i heard Together, What a wonderful world & LTWB. (I was a late bloomer)

My first SHM concert unfortunately was their OLT :(

All of you know me as the YEARS ID guy or Wakandaman's cousin :D but i love this forum because no matter where we live or what we do, this forum helped me stay updated about everything related to my idol AXWELL!
So thank you guys :)

If you visit India, Im always here to help you out.
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dollfvce Send private message Post 31 May 2020, 15:00

Bumping it lol.

Hello, I'm Rosie aka Dollface.
I'm 31 years old living in London.
Been a fan of Axtone since Together, been a fan of Axwell since 2004 and SHM since 2009. I heard word of the SHM forum, but didn't actually join in, regret for sure, I'm sure it was fun though. You could say I'm the Genre expert. I don't produce, but I do love to know how a track is produced and I love studying each part of a track to really understand it more.

I love Eric Prydz, Kolsch, Joris Voorn, Boris Brejcha, Magnificence, Prospa, Hector Couto, MK, Chris Avantgarde, Lofi Fruits + Strangefruits, Tchami, Dirty South, Third Party, Pendulum/Knife Party, Nero, Bicep, Amy Wiles, Oliver Smith... you name it I love it lol.

Of course I love the Swedes too, Otto Knows, Rebecca & Fiona, Adrian Lux, Angello, Ingrosso, Axwell, Kleerup, Cazzette, AVICII, Vargos & Lagola, Beyer, AN21, Sebjak, Dimitri + Wyman... loads more, the Swedes do it better. LOL :P

Fave sets in my life time: "SHM" 2009, Ultra + Sander Van Doorn, Ultra 2014 + SHM, Ultra 2018. Axwell, Tomorrowland 2017..

Fave album: Eric Prydz - Presents..
"why she dancing alone.. ?"