Sebastian Ingrosso 2009 ID - Bass Pluck

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fifty1fifty wrote:
12 Jun 2022, 07:49
So I've been trying to nail the sound/sonics of this pluck but I can't seem to get it right, anyone able to help out? Its always the most simple sounds i find that are hardest to mimic characteristics of when other people have used those sounds

Does anyone know what synth it mighta come from? Seb's a big fan of Massive right around that time i think?
Made this really quick for you, hope it will be a help ;)
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fifty1fifty Send private message Post 21 Jun 2022, 14:37

pacif0c wrote:
20 Jun 2022, 17:02
Made this really quick for you, hope it will be a help ;)
I did try that moog preset in syl, it doesn't have the characteristic i was after, but i'm pretty certain its the LTWB pluck that is the moog pluck, ty tho bro!