Axwell /\ Ingrosso @ Istanbul, TR (Dec 19, 2015)

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Post by iamPetek » 04 Nov 2015, 21:43

So guys and girls, Axwell was supposed to perform here in Istanbul in 2013 but got cancelled. Then he was supposed to perform in here in 2014, but guess what? Got cancelled again. Then this summer they announced an Axwell /\ Ingrosso show in İstanbul in August, but got postponed to December 19. It will probably will get cancelled again, or at least thats how i feel (i know my country, and their worthless music taste) and if he gets cancelled for 3rd time i'll seriously move out of Turkey :D (At least saw them in ADE 15 days ago, thats something)

Anyway, anybody's coming? Probably not but lets see :P

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Post by Seveli13 » 04 Nov 2015, 22:17

If they cancelled them that means they actually might have some solid taste in music... :D
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Post by melih13 » 08 Nov 2015, 19:06

I'm coming but i don't think they will :D