Axtone Miami 2018 @ Delano Beach Club March 21

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Post by Vinelli » 22 Mar 2018, 10:14

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msqrvve wrote:
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I know I shouldn't be expecting much, but kind of disappointed at this kind of set. I was disappointed from Tomorrowland and last years Axtone set. I'm not sure why I keep thinking Ax is going to bring back the WMC vibes.

If I was Ax I would play two hours, but I'm not him so I'll respect his decision to bring in more people. My mentality is that if I'm having an Axtone set, I would want to give my all to the fans that have supported the label all these years. I feel like the true fans would appreciate it so much more if he played longer and they took an artist or two off the lineup.

Hoping Dirty South, Kryder, and even Matisse & Sadko (Sometimes I don't mind poppy big room). I would love to listen to any of these sets though (Except maybe D.O.D) I'm sure most of them brought their A game.
I share your thoughts. Maybe ax honestly doesnt care for house anymore and has fallen in love with the dancehall (?) genre he plays now. Too bad for us
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Post by CHUD » 22 Mar 2018, 21:14

I think Barricade got the biggest reaction in his set... People seem to love that track, I don't think he/they expected it to be so succesful. It's such a badass track, he should've released the version they played at Tomorrowland 2015, or even the Ultra 2015 version. That yahh sound in the break was so freakin' cool.
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Post by John_Cove » 23 Mar 2018, 16:45

After listening to his set I would say he is like 60 % Bass & Electro House & 40 % own stuff now right? Really disappointed with that set.
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Post by pow » 24 Mar 2018, 10:02

SHM always has made and went with the trends. It's evolve or die for a lot of artists... who is still a successful DJ while doing the same thing over and over again? Personally I don't care. I have always loved the stuff AX did throughout his career.
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Post by abrown94 » 20 Feb 2019, 20:48

So what are thoughts on Axtone Miami 2019? Do we think it will happen? Was announced on Feb 17th last year if memory serves.

Delano is already booked on Weds & Thurs this year, by Fisher and MixMash respectively. It's become a major part of MMW, will be gutted if they skip it