Ax, whats going on ??

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Post daherbst12 Apr 2009, 01:10

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Yessir - but only for those who are really with the music...

Remember that not everyone goes to a Club for "just" feeling the vibe... ;)
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Post MikeCasa18 Apr 2009, 14:06

I really enjoyed the set and understand where ax is comming from, my biggest dissapoinment is that WMC is now being subjected to crowd pleasing. I have no problem with general clubbers comming down to wmc but unlike Europe, we don't have many large scale festivals, I just believe that if general clubbers come to wmc they should expect to hear new stuff and sometimes it's not what the mainstream listens to. They shouldn't have to crowd please, if you go to wmc, be prepared to hear what the djs wanna play.

What you guys think?
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Post jeanp23 Apr 2009, 17:08

he took the right decision i think... what would u do if you know that the set will be recorded??? playing all your unreleased stuff??
thats side effect of the ripping & leaking attitude atm ..