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Post by Vinelli » 22 Nov 2014, 15:33

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Supermode wrote:Did I expect an Axwell track? Of course not and I gave me reasoning for that a month or so ago in this thread. As long as the /\ project lasts (and if he wants to do it properly, like he said) there won’t be any solo Axwell. Did I hope for something biggr (in terms of more tracks)? Yeah sure I was hoping for some sort of compilation (or even HRS album). For a single release by any artist, other than axwell, I had no particular expectations. There are some other really good tracks that are rumored to come out on Axtone and that I look forward too, but they don’t have any more meaning to Ax than All That Matters has. So in the end, given that it had to be a single, this remix from Kryder (who is also the man of the momentin the big room scene) is justified for me.
If you read the description of the video, you see that even Axtone themselves didnt really see this as their 50th release. But they did really special for it regardless, which is really cool of them. I think we might see something compilation wise or something when they turn 10, althought I dont want to hype it all up again :lol:
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Post by Cowy » 22 Nov 2014, 16:34

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little #TB when we all thought this was Ax remix, and then came the BBC radio 1 premiere and the forum almost crashed
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