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Post Watsa07 May 2018, 14:08

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Vinelli wrote:
07 May 2018, 03:28
Okay im a fan now. These guys are INSANE. Awesome and unique tracklist!!


agree, incredible track

does anyone have info about the Lola's Theme remix?
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Post davidfabre200007 May 2018, 21:38

msqrvve wrote:
22 Mar 2018, 01:13
Since we have gotten the warehouse set and this set, do you guys think there is any chance we get a set that isn't released online? Or do you think Axtone management is tactically choosing which sets to put on youtube?

Kind of a silly question, but how much would you guys pay to have an Axwell set you attended released online? I would easily pay $50 to have my favorite set I attended released :lol:
I think Axtone releases the sets depending on the ID's they contain, as far as I know, the sets where wmc 08 ID and the firsts versions of TAY appear will never be released because the content isn't meant to be given to the public :(
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Post Frenchy03608 May 2018, 17:28

Axtone Smörgåsbord: Seth Hills

Guy who collaborated with Magnificence on 'Fire'. Nice mix of some more underground style stuff.
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Post Jerry9822 May 2018, 16:21

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Post hedz07 Jun 2018, 11:51

Just listened to David Pietras's set and holy fuck, so many amazing IDs!! I hope we have more records of him on Axtone!

BTW, Will K set is out as well!

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Post jarmas0126 Jun 2018, 16:57

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Post Hardsoul23 Aug 2018, 17:44

Axtone Smörgåsbord: Mednas & Nikola
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Post Jerry9823 Aug 2018, 20:49

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Post jz128 Aug 2018, 17:18

More Life
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Post jaime_725 Sep 2018, 16:35

The new Axtone Presents is the Axwell set at the Axtone Stage in Tomorrowland 2018:
https://www.mixcloud.com/AxtoneRecords/ ... land-2018/

They didn't fix the annoying mic feedback...
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Post oskaaar03 Nov 2018, 13:31

Damn. I re-listened to Axwell’s Axtone Presents from 2015. You should aswell because it’s a masterpiece. We need another one from the king!
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