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jarmas01 Send private message djesusarmas Post 16 Sep 2021, 21:38

Bottom post of the previous page:

You guys are mad like if the boys have dropped their music project to sell tables on IKEA. Relax it's just a side-project, it's 100% confirmed they have a collab with the weeknd on the way and more music soon.
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afike0o0kh Send private message Post 16 Sep 2021, 21:46

Chill~ I don’t know about the others, I’m just goofing around🤣

The boys got their home brand endorsement is a proud thing that’s happen.
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XIX Send private message Post 17 Sep 2021, 03:20

I think it’s really neat tbh. Hope that there are actually items available to help facilitate home studio setups. Sucks that it will take a whole yet to drop but that is unfortunately the reality of a timeline for this kind of collab.

Reading between the lines… if it’s gonna take a whole year to drop, IKEA is banking on a huge 2022 for SHM. I think it’s an incredibly positive development if the brand has this much faith and is willing to make a commercial investment in the guys.

As mentioned, we know a Weeknd collab is on the way. There is an album in the works. Touring is going to happen. Exciting times, even if it’s not going to be DYWC version 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0!
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