Axtone Autumn 2009

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Post DJ Pjerrot02 Nov 2009, 19:07

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Yeah well.. Better to drop it, if it isn't working, instead of releasing something they're not perfectly happy with!
But would've been nice though.. Maybe they'll pick it up again sometime, or start on a new one :)
Whats happenin'??!!
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Post Maximillion14 Nov 2009, 13:45

It's already some months since Ax promised the Acapella's hope they will be released soon!
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Post oskaaar06 Dec 2009, 14:24

Now the acapellas are going to be released on monday! I suppose this autumn and winter will be kind of silent at Axtone.

But the year 2010 will be nothing but amazing! Probably a lot of releases, including NBLFY and THE album! Goodie Goodie :D
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