AXT115E Albin Myers & Bud Stankz - Walking On Water

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Post by jdg1621 » 01 Mar 2019, 22:39

BOOCH wrote:
01 Mar 2019, 20:33
One of the things I hate with axtone and other labels is they release tracks with vocals on them and 90% of the releases have garbage vocals and they never release an instrumental version so others can enjoy it better. Wish we can get some better releases from Axtone doe.
The vocal is one of those things where I'm not a fan of it but I can push past it. Honestly this song would've fit perfectly with Tchami's label, Confession.

I'm just waiting for the Chocolate Puma & Carta collab. It's insane!!!
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I really enjoyed listening to this tune Axtone released prior to Axwell's Approved mix. We can all argue and say that the production behind the track doesn't fit the Axtone criteria or that the main lead sounds like 'that one preset sound on Serum' but for me, I find the composition to be well executed - the whole sound brings out a Grimey-type vibe to it. The fusion between 'Trap' and 'Garage' blends well (reminds me of Joyryde's tracks). Lyrics are kinda mehhh tho.
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You are right guys, this is not an Axtone format. However, label issuing the track doesn't affect my perception of the track at all. I personally like this track and respect Albin Myers for not being afraid to perform such an experiment of a mixture between UK hip hop & bass house.