Swedish House Mafia - Underneath It All

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Post oskaaar05 May 2019, 22:06

SHM premiered this track in Stockholm and I think it deserves its own thread. This track is really growing on me and I’m guessing that this will be their next single. I see some people speculating that Vargas & Lagola are on the vocals. I think the vocalist sounds more like John Martin.

I guess that the forthcoming released radio version will be more mainstream than the one we heard at Tele2 Arena.

What are your thoughts about the track?

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Post Your Name06 May 2019, 02:14

Beautiful! The visuals really make it seem like a dream.

As another user said, the lyrics really reflect the time of their lives right now :)
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Post brick549207 May 2019, 13:58

Beautiful vocals and I love the build up and chords. This will be their new DYWC, the vocals alone are a classic in the making
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Post iampirus07 May 2019, 14:55

The lyrics get in your mind easily...i think that they are working on it to perfect it but made the crowd have goosebump.! 8-)
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Post GetLucky07 May 2019, 15:32

I am more excited about the intro ID. This feels very generic and slow, not bad but nothing special in my opinion.
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Post danielschild9707 May 2019, 15:57

Vocalist sounds like Mike Posner to me
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Post Jerry9807 May 2019, 17:04

The more I listen to it the more I like it!
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Post TheShape07 May 2019, 23:15

I'm seriously loving it. Really wan't wait for an HD release, which I'm sure is something like 6 months away...
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tony cru
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Post tony cru10 May 2019, 00:26

unbelievable track
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Post enrico11 May 2019, 07:33

I heff a question: what are they doing at this point?? https://youtu.be/VqtfbymdiYA?t=190