Axwell feat. Richard Archer - Think About It

  • Release Date: 27 May 2016

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WakandaMan Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 12:29

Bottom post of the previous page:

Wawawee wow guys - meh wishes cam truuf! I tel yuh dis gwa cum dis yer! Dickie Archman b on da Mike n he redde to mak yuh "TINKABOUT YUH TUSH/TINKABOUT YUH KIDS, FELLIN KITTY KISS AGIN/SMEEL LIK TUNAFISH" [meh dog n kitkat die tree monf ago guys :cry: ). Ben a grat yer butt sad at tiim .guys hopfully Dikie no bwa dress lik Jonny Martburd at Tomorniglande.

And guys - i tell yuh no dis b ARTWIK for TINKABOUTIT :

I hav "tee-ree" - TOO TOWNSES WON SPASE ODDSEE b film aboot des moonolifes, nex film in serees bwa TWO TOWSENS TEN (lik Ax's Tones tEN) YER WE MAK KONTAKT. Da yer weh mak kontakt wif de vershin luvd of # TINKABOUT bwa ....yuh ges? TWO TOWSENS TEN! Moonlifes b "simbas" of impotent TINGS hapen to hooman rase. TINKABOUTIT wud b WON!
Jenius from Brakfist Desserts luv -SIFI- film and dis b best won! ALL MAK SENS LIK JENS GUYS

Allso guys - i tell yuh LONG tiim ago I tell yuh HOO I B wen TINKABOUTIT b relees. We sha see :3
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Polish Accent Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 12:29

Didas wrote:so....

my friends one thing we've learned from Ax:



Hahaha, OSCR made the day!

But what you all said before... I have to say, that I don't have a lot of moments when after hearing a song I have goosebumps... But holy shit, when TAI kicked in my whole body exploded!!! This is unbelievable, biggest song in the history of music, anthem of this forum IS ALIVE! I believe that combination of male and female vocals will give a good effect though.

The only thing is that it should be an Axwell solo production released on Axtone :) Imagine how bad artwork for this masterpiece would be if it will be on Album...

Think About It is huge and finally something is going on with it! Let's wait for more infos/previews!
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hrvoje42 Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 13:09

I wanted to say this for a long time, it's not TAI related, but since this is kinda the ultimate Axwell thread, I'll write it here... Why are you guys so obsessed with Axwell retiring?

I mean, the guy is, what, 37 years old? Look at some rock bands, AC/DC for example, they are well in their 60s and still make music and tour. Not to mention even older bands, like Rolling Stones. And no offense, but I think it's easier to make and play house than rock.

So he's got a good 25-30 years in him. And a lot can happen in just 10 years. Look at where Ax was 10 years ago. Mostly unknown, just released Feel the Vibe, which is probably his first song that you heard and started liking him after that. After that, he released a few more solo songs, some great collabs (Dirty South, LTWB), had some unreleased songs that you still want today, then the SHM came, broke up, COTU, and now A/\I. So imagine what can happen in just 10 more years. A/\I thing could stop, ha can release solo album, again make some great solo tracks, release old unreleased tracks and hopefully release Dreams with DS and Arty collab. Or he could go full pop and release Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber collabs. No one knows what will happen, but in 10 years, he will be 47 years old and still have enough time to release more great music.

So where does this fear of retiring come from? Did he mention retiring somewhere or what?
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melih13 Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 14:23

Oh God (Axwell). Not only goosebumps but also a bit tears of happiness cry in eyes. Can't wait for August to come. It will be super good to see him finally in my country.
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Malik Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 15:00

Totally amazed by this...:o

Will see them very soon, in 2 weeks, I assure you, if they play it, I will give you the full version :)

Good times ahead..Where I Belong, Think about it...2015 can be a great year :)
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MrHouse Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 15:10

It's been so long waiting, without any proof that it was coming.. And it still feels so weird seeing it getting played right now in 2015 after so many years. I just hope it will still carries the emotional nostalgic euphoric feeling that the old one had, cause it's the best feeling ever. One of the best melodies ever.
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phlextro Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 15:12

IM DYING :lol:
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Anzjøn Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 15:17

A video of the intro including the hook, still sounding great to me!
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vysweet Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 15:25


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Hardsoul Send private message axwellforum axwellforum Post 06 Jul 2015, 17:04

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House5 Send private message Post 06 Jul 2015, 17:09

Fuck me. Piano is still there, female vocals is just a bonus.

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