Two track id's please!!

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veinar90 Send private message Post 05 Apr 2009, 12:22

okay i have two id's but i don't have links (i haven't recorded them) so i'll try to describe it to you

#1 It's a very commercial one,often played in clubs,it has lyrics something like : "Dizzee with your body,dizze with your head,(than stronger,harder voice) put your hands in the air,put your hands in the air..." the song has a very powerful piano in one part!

#2 ugh..this one is very hard...i asume it's new,it has that odd sound like style of eye - psalm and the one that eric prydz used in miami to atlanta (you know...the one like in old computer games)...

i hope someone could figure out which songs i'm looking for,thanx in advance
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ValentinP Send private message Post 05 Apr 2009, 15:06

For the first, i think it's just the acapella of Jamie Lewis - Put your hands up, with an other instrumental....

Sorry, dont know anymore...