(BBC Radio 1) with Swedish House Mafia AXWELL , SEbastian

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Post mo333014 Sep 2008, 03:03

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great songs.... thnks :)
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Post Dirty Sanchez14 Sep 2008, 22:50

I finally had a chance to listen to it, it was my soundtrack during a lil coast trip in South California :D Shame we couldn't get the whole Mafia at the show, but 2/3 is not that bad... My improptu thoughts reviewing it now:

- I sure reacted to 'Rakfunk Miami', I reli like that track! Nice to hear 'Dark flower'. Also, that Robyn vocal for Christian Falk was pretty good, wasnt it? Finally, 'Koma Koma' by Radio Slave seemed pretty good.

- On to the Mafia, love to hear that 'Yo Yo Yo' and that 'Yessir' to kick things off. Whatever happened to Steve Angello btw! lol That club they mentioned, 'Cavo paradiso', sure is great! I was there two summers ago and I'm already thinking on going back for next summer...

- I liked the whole 'W.W.W.' play and of course, 'Mouth to mouth' and 'Open your heart' are two great tracks... Two classics right there with 'Chase the sun' and 'Age of love', so it's all good.

- Nice to hear about that computer science degree past :) Loved the 'is it that obvious' joke... but hey, we're likely to get an album soon!

- On to Seb, and I'd sure love to get my hands on that Chemical Bros. mix. 'Wise man' acapella play and it's all good too! 'Chaa Chaa' is always welcome and well, that unknown track he played it's AWESOME, sign it for REFUNE, Sebastian! I liked the Guetta impersonation too :P

- I'm curious about that album thing Seb mentions... REF compilation? Steve & Seb album? Seb solo album? I'd love to know about that...

- Nice to see they like Coldplay, I'm a sucker for that too... That 'Feel the vibe' singing was funny lol The final mixes were awesome too. I'm a sucker for Tocadisco's work, so I loved to have them close with his remix for 'Sunglasses at night'.

So that's my thoughts, it did get quite long didn't it? :P Everyone make sure they hear this cos it's a reli good show to listen too, interview was real fun.

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Post marko15 Sep 2008, 11:36

Stockholm Syndrone- 'Make Me Whole' (TV Rock Mix) (White Label) Great track can't wait to be released. :D
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Post ANDREA15 Sep 2008, 12:15

I totally love Viva La Vida by Coldplay! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Post pEte198718 Sep 2008, 14:02

wooooooow amazing mix, great humor during the show - the guys are just the best, beautiful housetracks - the best show for a long time!!
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Post Byron20 Sep 2008, 13:17

Did you guys here that new track by radioslave - ''Coma Coma'' or something...very nice...!
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Post Dirty Sanchez20 Sep 2008, 21:27

I'm just curious about that project Seb mentioned...
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Post nander09 Nov 2008, 00:07

a tad late but here are.......

The pictures of the Swedish Housemafia takeover!

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Post House517 Mar 2018, 18:04

Need. Can someone provide this?
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