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xhyrox Send private message Post 01 Apr 2011, 04:27

Bottom post of the previous page:

mnewman wrote:Does anyone know how to make those rising sweep/turbine type sounds? I know how to make a normal sweep using white noise, filters, and delays, but what about the ones that sound like they're continually rising, kind of like an airplane turbine? I.E. the sound in the background of LTWB or The First Rebirth? Hopefully you guys understand which sound I'm referring to... Can that really be done with filters & a noise gen or is there more to it?
I know it took a while (well, at least 3 years) but I found a way of doing what you wanted

Use a white noise generator and apply a flanger. I use the msdpFlanger found FREE in this webpage:

Configure it so it works really slow. It's the same noise they use in LTWB background, the one that AN21 and Max Vangelli use, etc.

I hope this helps you, even though it has been ages since you asked it
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Bob Houblon Send private message Post 08 Jun 2011, 17:40

Afrojack - How I Like It
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
Beyoncé - Run The World

all from the preset: rhythm set/marching kit
on the Edirol Orchestral VSTi

just try it ;-)
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DJ Pjerrot Send private message Post 02 Jul 2011, 14:49

Anyone knows where the Rhodes riff sound on Axwell & Ingrosso's Together is from?
Whats happenin'??!!
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fiddestigsson Send private message Post 13 Sep 2021, 16:01

reaching for straws here in this dead thread lol but im wondering if anyone know what Ax used for his chords way back in the day.. sounds like some sort of rhodes/electric piano or something with a phaser on but i cannot get anywhere close to the smoothness of it!

here are some examples