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Post Noir09 Mar 2009, 10:18


I guess you all know Dave Robertson for his great production skills.
But did you know about his new imprint called Reset Robot ?
If not….. you should look closer right now.
Reset Robot has got tracks coming on Sci-Tec, 8 Sided Dice, Excentric and this one on Noir Music.
A really cool slap of tech house with great mixes from James Talk and Noir to back it up.
“We Do It” – Do You ?

GET YOUR COPY NOW: ... %20Do%20It

The Early Reactions:

James Talk Remix played on Essential Selection 6/3-2009
Pete Tong

I like the james talk remix, please hook me up.

Another good release.
I like the voice & the groove.
It's a fresh release : great stuff.
Laurent Garnier

Great job on the James Talk Mix.
Nic Fanciulli

It’s a monster.
Groove Armada.

Very Nice.
Sander Kleinenberg

Sounds like a good Ep! Original jumps out on first listen.

I like james talk remix, very nice.
Dj Chus

I like the original and Noir mix!

Nice! James Talk Remix for me
Patch Park

Noir Remix is the best!
Andrea Roma

Liking all the mixes, but I think I will play the James Talk mix the most.
Anil Chawla

Love the James Talk Mix
Patric la Funk

Like all 3 tracks, but the original mix gets the nod from me...
Nice moody vibe with some great stabs.
Tim Weeks

Loving the original and Noir Remix.
Wicked stuff.
Daley Padley

We prefer the James Talk remix
David Amo & Julio Navas

I need theese now, i wanna test it!
Noir remix and original r sick!!!

Loving the James Talk Remix and ofcourse the Noir remix.
It seems like everything Noir Music is doing is guaranteed to get my attention!
Dj Exacta

Great release, Loved the Noir & James Talk mixes, will play.!
Sarah Main

Great release, Like it a lot.
Norman Zube

Wicked package again from Noir Music Camp. My favorite is Noir Remix!!!
Rocking work will play and support it to death.
Dan Welton

Really love the NOIR remix on this one.
James do a great techy/job on this great original track too.
Full Support
Marco G

Noir mix seems pretty cool for me!!!
Agent Greg

I Like the original mix and noir rremix.
Simon Vitullo

James Talk is massive.
Dave Lambert

Another killer release!!!! All mixes great but for playing Noir or Original for me.
Original is the pick of the bunch for me fucking amazing twisted stuff loving it.
10/10 from me and full support over here in latin america !!! sikk!!!
Track of the year for me so far!!!
Gaz James

I'll Do It!!...especially the Noir remix and original. Great work!
Timothy Fall

Noir remix is my fav! Truly, this is tech house at its best!
Full support!
Ben Dela Pena

I love it. crazy about the James talk remix. A wee bit trancey, but very nice.
Another solid release from our homeboy up north.
Rune RK

Big fan of Dave's stuff for a couple of years now!
The guy definitely has his own sound and approach just like two other remixes!
James did a nice melodic version with uplifting vibe which will be perfect for warm up.
Your remix takes it deeper and underground unmistakably your touch groovy tech.
Will support all three man!
Oleg Uris

Original is funky
Full support in my radioshow and sets
Dj Grad

Noir remix is the one for me, will support!
Angel Anx

Really like it.
Another good release from Noir Music.
Lovin the james talk mix. but the orginal is very solid also.
Chris Special

The Noir mix is so nasty! Absolutely love it!
Bill Fragos

Like them al! Tech House at it's best!
Sebastian Davidson

Love it man, great release.

I really like Noir Remix the best out of the package. Love the old school chord stabs and nice builds.
Will play and chart.

Another top notch package from Noir Music !!!!!
I am a fan of Dave Robertsons work for quite some time but for me its the James Talk/Noir remixes which steal the limelight !!!
They both roll along very nicely. Will be playing at my gigs this weekend in Dublin and on the radio.
Al Redmond.

Great track!
Will deff. play Noir's remix saturday!
Mette S

All 3 mixes are amazing.
James Trystan

Wow i'm scared :) the vocal sounds very dark and crazy dangerous, i like it!
noir remix & james talk rmx does it!
Chris Count

What a great release...great production on all 3 tracks...could play them all...
My fave of the bunch is the James Talk mix
Larry Granite

I am liking the original with its weirdness and slow creeping groove.
Will also support the Noir remix, nice driving tech that will do the business!
Edgar Jack

Loving the James Talk mix, it's got a strong summer flavour!
Filth & Splendour

Huge sounds on the Noir remix.
Think it's a must have, really want to hear reactions to this.
Michael Williams

Love the Noir & James Talk remixes - Nice tune !!

James Talk, i love the Sweep Fills,with Crazy Groove, The Dark Groove & The Bassline in Noir Remix is off the Hook.
Original is also wicked Tech Minimal has Vibe to it to start the dance floor.

Yeah the james talk mix is nuts!!
Steve Parry

The original mix is a lovely piece of music. Will test it out.
Casper LT