And the winner is.... "Win my first DJ equipment!"

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Carl Roda
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Post Carl Roda15 Mar 2009, 18:11

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Hi Axwell!

How are you doing mate? Well passing through i saw your contest and i´ll like to win your first Dj Equipment because i´ll love to have it and play it every night on the radio show i´m preparing, it´ll be great!
Well here i leave you a pic, i was playing with Dario Nunez, and i played some of your tracks!hehe, see you soon mate;)!
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Post vunited16 Mar 2009, 04:12

Hope i can win this contest!

Why should I win?
1. i need the gear to practice at home.
2. so i can brag to my friends that i'm practicing on Axwells old gear.
3. the gear has some magical powers to turn me into the next big producer / dj.

Here's my photo:
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Post pette_le16 Mar 2009, 18:14

When you love something the most in whole world, you are spending all your money for that, givin all your heart what you are doing, just nothing else maters...


Curse mait & Keep Up The good Work what You are doing :) ;D
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Post bbdave16 Mar 2009, 19:03

1. Ax is for me the God of Housemusic
2. His equipment is for me like the first Stradivarius for musicians
3. It would be a pleasure for me to have a piece of the history of housemusic ;)


in da club :)
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Post Kosi16 Mar 2009, 20:29

I trust Ax to choose the right one! (me :lol: )
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Post prosens16 Mar 2009, 20:30

Hi Axwell!

(me playing at my uncles technics a early sunny morning last april)

1. You, Axwell, are my idol, and the one who inspired me to enter music scene (and gave it a little extra push when I met you in Båstad last summer), so it would be more than awesome to start on the same gear that your biggest idol once started playing with.

2. One of my biggest dreams in life is to be a great DJ, and the only chance I get to touch some equipment and practice is when im at my uncles place, thats like once every second month.

3. My day starts with playing some Axwell tracks on my iPod on my way to school, and continues during the school day. My evenings ends with an Axwell track coming through my speakers. And at partys im trying to make all my friends listening to house music, but many prefer like,, My Chemical Romance (Hey, how party is that?..).. All though they at many times do accept that I play some house music, and att all times atleast one or two Axwell tracks.

/Alexander Norling
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Post dreampod17 Mar 2009, 00:37

Haya Axwell and all the fans out there!

So this is the picture of me I wanted to share with you all, looking kinda concentrated, trying to get the darn tracks together :D ..
..and the three main reasons why I would be the happiest man alive if I won the gear is:

First of all, the equipment shown on the picture is OF COURSE NOT my equipment.. :lol: ..I am a poor student like many others so noodles and toilet paper is what I can afford every month (if it is a good month, he). A set of new players and a mixer would simply just be the kick in the ass I need to start practicing again. All I do nowadays is.. dance.. to others mixes ;) ..

Second, as you can see in the picture above a wannabe DJ such as myself does not care about how his hair looks. This was a straight-out-of-the-sofa-just-woken-from-a-nap picture taken IN THE HEAT of the moment. Ancient gods of sound once told mankind; "There are no bad hair days, only dead hair in your bathtubs" It is our duty as music lovers to live up to these mantras slavishly without questioning.. :roll: ..

Third and last, if I could get the chance to make people experience all the greatest pieces of music I've heard in my life, and do this on a dancefloor, I would prolly fade away and die. That MUST BE the most fantastic feeling ever, it MUST BE! I've always dremt of sharing my feelings of all music with others. So If I would win the epic (post) über equipment of Axwell himself, that would be the start of a neverending journey towards a glorious heaven filled with souls of pure dance and endless joy. HALLELUJA!


Keep up the good work dudes, and thanks for listening!
....hara hara maha deva shambhu. kashi vishnu nara gangay.
Dj Zed
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Post Dj Zed17 Mar 2009, 11:46


Axwell Hello,
Sorry for my English .. I am an Italian!
Want to win your first console:
1. Because maybe I can bring the same luck, and it is certainly a lot, which led to you!
And who knows .. So maybe soon, there will be an opportunity to work together!
Dreaming does not cost anything!

2nd is certainly a good equipment, good and also good looking

3rd It might be a good reason to boast with my friends and colleagues :D
Goodbye & Thanks!
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Post axwell18 Mar 2009, 14:04

yoo wasup thanks for all the contributions! we had to delete some posts that was not contributions in this competition just to keep things tidy! i hope you understand!
wasup wasup miami wmc here we come!

** Also note that deadline is now june 1st **
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Post djkash18 Mar 2009, 21:58

Hellooo Axwell! : )
Dj Kä$h here, haha! Dj Rado's friend ;P
i hope you remember me.. !
how are you!

anyway, here is my DJ pose picture! ; )
it's from my 18th birthday party! on Dj Rado's equipment! [you can see one of his cds on the right in the background!!]


i would loveee to win your first equipment because,
1) Seeing as i am a beginner DJ with only one decent mix [!! : D still!!] on my account, i need all of the boosts and inspiration i can get, and this would be a life-changing experience for me, it would put my ambitions and big dreams on a whole different perspective, it would take it to the next level! i would see that becoming a DJ is not just a far-out dream like it sometimes seems to me.. light years away! [despite that i am still working towards it vigorously!]
2) Being my beginner-self, i make a lot of mistakes when DJ-ing. a lot more than good moments.. but when something great comes out of it, an OH SNAP moment, i cherish it like it was the first time i managed to mix two tracks together! being able to work with your first gear would undoubtedly cause me to think about how, well, you had to start somewhere too. and when you started off, im sure you made as many mistakes as i did! [well............ maybe on your very first day anyway ; ) ]. given that, it would inspire me beyond all things, push me to keep on going, picking myself up after each fall, because practice makes perfect! i mean, look at you now!!! you're a god to me : ) <3 a role model, and i would love to pursue the path that you have left open for me and all of the other aspiring Djs! it's true that i will always be light years behind you, in your shadow, but maybe, just maybe, one day ill get at least halfway to where you are!!
3) i have noticed that there are not that many girls that are Djs! In the clubs that i have gone to the Djs playing were guys, and all of the Djs that i know personally are guys as well! this is intriguing, and i would like to contribute to changing that! if i were given the honour of being able to mix on your equipment, i would practice to the break of dawn every single day..! just to be a step closer towards making my dream come true..! my dream of working on real professional equipment, in a room jam-packed with people, responding to my moves and the music that i play..! That is my dream, to become a professional DJ.. i want to feel the intensity of the beat, pulsating throughout my entire body! it starts in your heart, it warms you, like a warm cup of tea! and the spreads like fireeeee to the rest of your body, from the top of your music-filled head to the tips of your toes..! a million words cannot describe that feeling! and 3 reasons is definitely not enough! Only those who have felt it before can understand..! and i have been fortunate enough to have an opportunity like that.. [in a smaller scale though] at my birthday party, where my DJ pose picture was taken!! it was the most amazing feeling in the world, i felt .. ALiVE!

Thank you for all of the inspiration you have given me this far!! thank you for everything!!!!!!! for the best 18th birthday present EVER !! <3
i love you <3

p.s. just on the side.. here is a picture of me and Dj Rado! ;P
click to enlarge

and this is what my mom did to the first version of my beautiful present!! ;O i nearly died. i actually DID cry!

but you saved my life with the picture so.. !! THANK YOUUU, YOU'RE AMAZING I LOVEEE YOUU <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

// Kasia aka DJ Kä$h! : )

If Axwell is a God, then God is a DJ ! <3
Axwell fan
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Post Fiesta_Electronica19 Mar 2009, 17:27


1. I´ve got no money for own equipment
2. It´s a great Feeling to play in club
3. Dj-ing is my Life