And the winner is.... "Win my first DJ equipment!"

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Post vaz01 Jun 2009, 16:28

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I still can't believe it... congratulations to all second runners and all others for the effort. Actually I thought that the Ice Pole Man would win, cuz whenever I see that post, it makes me laugh really f*cking loud!

The equipment will get in good hands, believe me.

And Ax, please make sure that you don't pack the wrong shit :)

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Post ANDREA01 Jun 2009, 17:54

Congrats VAZ! :D You're a lucky man! :mrgreen: But your post is great, the best! :)
And i've won a T-Shirt! YEAH! 8-)

thanks Ax for this competition!


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Post socrates01 Jun 2009, 18:28

Congratulation VAZ your entry was the best ( the only one where I laught about). I'm happy with my second place and my t-shirt :)

What I forgot to ask: Axwel could you sign the t-shirt :mrgreen: :geek:
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Post me201 Jun 2009, 19:17

Well done, Vaz! Great idea!
Hehehe you always win ;)
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Post daherbst01 Jun 2009, 19:31

Hehe - as I said - Vaz's was the best one...

I hope you know that you don't have any excuses now... :D
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Post Pieschi01 Jun 2009, 19:47

hahahaha man very funny! Congrats...
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Post Petter01 Jun 2009, 20:21

congrats Vaz! You bet i'm jelous now :D
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Post dreampod01 Jun 2009, 20:22

Right on Vaz, totally awsome! Quite an upgrade ait? ;) \o/ <o/
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Post julian01 Jun 2009, 21:07

congrats vaz!!!

you deserve it, fuckin funny post :D
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Post vaz02 Jun 2009, 13:08

Thanks guys, I'm really happy that I've made you laugh! It was the whole point of the contest

Damn, I am lucky and happy and everything, and I almost didn't even post, because the original idea was to take a picture of me DJing on the street during the day, and I even found an old stove on a big garbage heap, surrounded by gypsies that I intended to use as the crowd. So I went to that place tomorrow and the stove was gone, the gypsies took it away! Damn, they're fast! So I had to improvise... Luckily, my girl was there to help me, so we made it before the deadline.

Axwell, thank you for the contest!

See you all on August 12th in Croatia on SHM gig on island Pag. My birthday is on August 13th, so we can all have a drink. Ot two drinks. Or a few bottles.

Good times ar coming.


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Post daczek02 Jun 2009, 20:57

hi axwell, im Paul from Poland. i love you're music im' use it very often to my mixes:D i'm starting dj and i heaven't enaught money to buy my first dj equipment... so i have to use software ... my dream is paly for people!
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