And the winner is.... "Win my first DJ equipment!"

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Post Fiesta_Electronica19 Mar 2009, 17:27

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1. I´ve got no money for own equipment
2. It´s a great Feeling to play in club
3. Dj-ing is my Life
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Post Haugli20 Mar 2009, 00:15


First of all, i can't call myself a DJ. Iv'e been into the music for the last 10 years, and i just love house music more and more for every single day.

Earlier i listened to alot of trance/techno, but you, axwell, just blew my mind into the world of house music, and you still produce the best tracks!

1. I don't have any dj equipment other than virtual DJ on my 5 year old laptop. I have been amateur dj'ing with virtual for atleast two years, but i havn't got money for any real equipment. First and foremost because i also produce music just like you, witch i have done for the past three years. With an average stationary computer, fruity loops and an edirol midi controller i have graduated slowly but steady in the amazing world of electronic music. Iv'e allways wanted to step up to the next step; DJ'ing.

2. I want my first hardware for dj'ing to be steady and solid, explicit and extraordinary, special and unique. I don't want to start with crappy gear. WHAT can possibly be better than starting my dj'ing "career" using what you, Axwell, also started using during your first years of producing; and to become one, if not, the best dj and house producer in the universe?

3. I think those who deserves your first dj equipment the most, are those who have very little gear or no dj'ing gear at all. Let me have the chance to explore the world of dj'ing with your first gear,and i promise, i will take the absolute best care of it. I will wash it and polish it after every single time iv'e used it, it will NEVER leave my house and i will only use it for learning purposes. I will kiss it good night and good morning, i will sleep with it, and I will also NEVER leave the house risking your and hopefully my precious axwell dj'gear to be stolen or destroyed.

Thanks for reading.

Your biggest fan of all fans

Mi de la Sol
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Post Mi de la Sol20 Mar 2009, 10:29

here are my three points why I should get it!!

1. ...It would also be my first Dj equipment!
2. ...I need no longer play on my homemade paper Dj equipment!
3.!! Axwell! you will be supporting a house music genie! :D

Auf Wiedersehn :lol: !!!
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Post Evgenij20 Mar 2009, 19:16

Hey ax,

I would like to win your equipment, as I am a true admirer of your work, and have been supporting you for over FOUR years now, travelling across Europe to see your gigs, from edinburgh to moscow via lausanne :)
Ive been purchasing your merchandise not only for myself, but also for so many friends over the years - spending in excess of 200 pounds on it. It would be cool, if I could get something for free for a change, and hence, would be over the moon if I could win your equipment.

Evgenij Popov
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Post adrien2422 Mar 2009, 23:38

1. I'd love to get my hands on a 'new' DJM500 mixer since my mixer is just no good (DJX700 - complete crap :lol: )
2. I would love to be honored in having one of my fav DJs' first equipment and learn from the best. It would inspire me to mix in that 'trance-like' style you get and just rock the place out... or pretty much in my bedroom. :lol:
3. Another DJ's used equipment, is another DJ's gold mine ;)

Here I am rockin' it in a club/lounge. By the way the tshirt says OBAMA 08 if you cant read haha


When you came to Vancouver back in October, I don't know if you remember, but I was the guy that asked you if you could say that I was the best DJ in Vancouver, haha I still have that video and it's DOPE! Thanks again for that one :mrgreen:
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Post str0ss23 Mar 2009, 23:51

I'm to the right and this a wig please :P

Why do I want this material ?

1) I have an old mixer and CDJs
2) I really appreciate your music so have something from you would be an honnor
3) After the Axwell's sweetshirt, I need to complete my collection of Axwell stuff 8-)

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Post Martina24 Mar 2009, 03:58


3 Reasons why I should win this equipment! :

#1 I have no equipment, I just started dj'ing ..have been using my friends equipment so it would be very helpful...because practice makes perfect :)

#2 I am so passionate about music and dj'ing has become an addiction.. i think it would cure the addiction!

#3 I am a big fan of Axwell.. so it would be a fricken honor to get this passed on to me! :) :)

PLEASE PICK ME!!! :roll: :roll: :mrgreen:
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Post Housefien24 Mar 2009, 08:23

Hey Axwell i am from New Zealand (Yea i know all the way over there)
You were the first Dj that got me into house once i heard your sound i was away.

I love to win ya old dj equipment az i would treat it will all most reapect and i feel when i use it there always a bit of you is playing with me when i am using it:)

Cheers Axwell And keep the good tunes coming

From Number 1 fan in New Zealand
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I worship Axwell
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Post Squid24 Mar 2009, 12:17

Hey Axwell! ;)

Greetings From Australia!
I'm Anne and I would love to win your equipment and so...

Why Should I Win Your Equipment???

(1) I need my very own set of decks to get mixing on.
I do have some kind of dj set up which is very very very basic, all it is is a twin cd player with a crossfader and some sound effects
I eventually discovered Virtual DJ and have been using that for the past 3yrs and have started to use Deckadance

(2) It would be my inspiration
Not that you don't inspire me already to be the best DJ I can be, having your equipment would just be an honour, a privilege and it would be very humbling/awesome/out of this world to know the decks I am using have been in the hands of god (house god that is lol)

(3) I was born to DJ :lol:
Whenever I'm on the computer, I always end up DJ-ing, even if I am meant to be studying for uni or even while I am studying lol. While I'm listening to music on my iPod on the train on my way to uni, I'll come up with ideas for new mixes
whether you believe it or not, that is a picture of me as a baby

And here's a pic of me dj-ing on the computer
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Post moontrip24 Mar 2009, 23:45

hey axwell, im delighted to even try out this contest.
here are my 3 lines

1.) I come from miami and here the economic depression is very bad so i dont have much money to save and get new equipment, so i think that with this contest i might win some of the greatest equipment ever made and made by one of the greeatest djs.
2.) I know for a fact if i have some better equipment i will have a chance to make it somewhere in this djin world, with such equipment i will be able too play at more gigs and be famous, hopefully like yourself one day.
3.) I would be able to work twice as hard couse my set is fallin apart so with your new equipment i will be able to get better and hopefully be at your side some day.

heres my pic, this was at a special event called SECRETS @ CLUB SPACE (MIAMI), & its my most proffecional shot i have, im the one with the mowhak ;)
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Post MichaelB26 Mar 2009, 20:22


I need to win the equipment, sense my turntables got broken and now I need cd-player instead!
My intention is to spin some of my own tracks in the future, as well as the Swedish House Mafia tracks ofcourse....

You shuld pick me becouse I need help becoming the next super DJ in town... I have the music, just need the equipment now.

Have a nice weekend everybody!
Dance you feet of!

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