And the winner is.... "Win my first DJ equipment!"

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I worship Axwell
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Post paulanthony22 Apr 2009, 08:40

Latest post of the previous page:

yeah, right... really like the one from andi300 and the guy licking the icy pole though :lol:
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Post daherbst22 Apr 2009, 11:43

Yes - many new posters - and I bet we won't see most of them any more!

But what did you expect? Hardly anyone who is "in the szene" yet will post a photo from himself -> vanity sucks! :twisted: :lol:

The absolute ultimate giveaway for me would have been a complete Axwell discography - signed by Axwell...
In this case there would have been a foto from myself as well...maybe ;)
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Post Falkon22 Apr 2009, 19:38

1.practice, practice and practice again
dj must always be ready to work, in what he is helped by round-the-clock access for his own equipment
and frequent visits in a studio not very much cheap in our country, and in fact I also need to buy tracks
2.I open my own radioshow, and mixes i record only live
i dont use diferent soft for creation mixes, although presently I want to learn how to create mix in Abelton Live, because exactly this program I use for creating music
3.I always like to work with different types of equipment (probably I inherited it from my father)
and with CMX-5000 CD i never worked
there will be a good occasion
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Post jarleen22 Apr 2009, 20:50


Why you should pick me! ;)
First of all my name is Joakim and are from Linkoping, Sweden. I have been a "mobile dj" with 2 of my friends for three years now but I just turned 18 and I want come out at the clubs! We didn't have any gear then either. So I left my buddies for give it a try, recently I got 2 gigs at two clubs here! :D But I dont have any gear to practice on, so I'm really in need of gear! I take it in 3 lines:

#1: Im young (18) and just got a "foot" in the clubs!
#2: I have been Dj since I was 14l and I'm ready to give all I have for this! My highest dream is to be as big as you.
#3: I need gear to practice on! HOUSE MUSIC!

A old picture:

I hope that was enough, I would be so happy I won! Swedish house Mafia all the way! Cheers :lol:
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Post tombanny9526 Apr 2009, 19:02

I'm 14 and i have been DJ'ing for about 1 year now,,
i would love to have your first dj equipment because then i could really get going,, with 1st'ly your equipment(my idol),,and also some decent equipment which is allot better than mine :)
I would be over the moon,, even if I didn't win,, but you just replied to me :D
thanks ,, all the best 8-)
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dj steve onofre
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Post dj steve onofre29 Apr 2009, 22:48

hi ax!!! well first of all i'm from colombia and i love to play music!!.. here in this country is very difficult to get a dj equpiment like the one of this competition.. for me its very difficult but my dream is alive in my soul and this is the think that makes me vibe when i listen and mix house music!!! i think that i need my first dj equipment cause i love music and this one can make me mix better and make a dream come true!!! just because i love house music and i want to be a great dj and person!!! cheers from colombia!
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Post stajnah29 Apr 2009, 23:02

Hi Ax! first off all i have to say that i adore your music and I think that your a genius.
So, I'm gonna be concise.
I live for house music and dream about making my own someday.
The thing is that i don't have my own set and i coudn't dream about a better way to learn than from you're old set. It would be a honour and i would'nt dissapoint you.
I can't say i'm a great dj or even call my self one but i would love to learn to be as god as you some day, it's like i said a dream and something i'm looking forward to doing it in the future. And if I don't win your set i'm going to work as hard as I can do get my own. If i could, I would mix day and night because I can't even describe the great feeling, the rush going through my body at that moment. I think ony real houselovers would know what I mean.

Btw, looking forward to seeing you live in Extrema Outdoors this summer, can't wait! :D
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djane rich bitch
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Post djane rich bitch05 May 2009, 18:58

Once upon a time there lived 2 girls.... they were dj's..... they begun to work in their city saint-petersubrg... but they weren't so famous....
and one day...they dicided to go on party cream....and a miracle has happened.....on the track let it go.... they realised what should they do in their life!! this person, who played this track - was U.
u saw us in St-Petersburg on Pacha Winter(2008)... u ll never forget us... because... WE KNOW IT)))))))))))
Thanks to u we play in all the club of saint petersburg....all over russia... and abroad...
U are the person who showed us the way to be a good dj.
thank u for it.
and dont forget, we ll meet soon) we ll play on warm up of u....
see u around.
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Post DJTK06 May 2009, 00:56

1-Well Because it's going to be from the number one In the world AXWELL
2- I am a student and cant afford buying good equipment to practice my mixing on it speciallyAxwell Tracks
3- I need to take my djing up more levels so I need good equipments as it is an honor playing on Axwell's first dj equipment. ( I NEED IT )
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Dj Jurij
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Post Dj Jurij14 May 2009, 08:59

It would be fantastic to feel your energy touching your first Dj gear! Like "Watch The Sunrise"!

One day we'll work "Together", share your first equipment could be a first step to know you!

"It's True" I need a second dj booth..I want to create a small consolle inside my kitchen.. this equipment are perfect!


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Post Lohan14 May 2009, 15:34

1. If i won... i would give this to my little brother to practise with as this would be the perfect beginners set up for him to learn on 8-)

2. It would be cool to say 'Axwell learnt to play on these!' and hopefully he can be as good as you one day! ;)

3. It will stop my brother playing my decks all the time!!! :lol:

Cheers Axwell... keep up the good work! Please come and play Scotland again soon.. we miss you here! Looking foward to Ibiza.

L x