And the winner is.... "Win my first DJ equipment!"

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Lohan Send private message Post 14 May 2009, 15:34

Bottom post of the previous page:

1. If i won... i would give this to my little brother to practise with as this would be the perfect beginners set up for him to learn on 8-)

2. It would be cool to say 'Axwell learnt to play on these!' and hopefully he can be as good as you one day! ;)

3. It will stop my brother playing my decks all the time!!! :lol:

Cheers Axwell... keep up the good work! Please come and play Scotland again soon.. we miss you here! Looking foward to Ibiza.

L x

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Juliana Send private message Post 15 May 2009, 04:54

[attachment=0]Julie Phones.jpg[/attachment]

1. I not only DJ, but have written, produced, sang and edited my own songs since I was 3 years old. Literally!

2. Seeing you in the very hot white tent in the middle of Ultra Music Festival '09 was one of the most inspirational performances I've seen, I absolutely LOVED the crowd vibe, and want to carry that on as well.

3. I am completely inspired by things that have wear and tear.

**After I found this 1900's piano I'm standing on in an abandoned school house, I recorded a song that just got onto the number 1 progressive house online radio station in the world :D [attachment=1]toga 1 crossprocessed.jpg[/attachment]

I would love to have it with me as I am kicking off my music career, as you did.

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Petter Send private message Post 16 May 2009, 17:31

Since I have never played in a club before I don't have a DJ pose, but here are my 3 lines:

1. My dream is to play in a club, nothing big or fancy or anything. To be able to play music that makes people smile and dance must be the greatest gift a man can get.

2. Music has played a major role in my life ever since I was a kid, so to have something of yours would be like the Mona Lisa to me.

3. I'm a fan who has come to stay. I will follow you until you one day retire and has become more famous than ABBA.

Best regards
Petter Samuelsen
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Dawe From Hungary
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Dawe From Hungary Send private message Post 21 May 2009, 16:36

1. I do not have enough money for an equipment.
2. I will be big dj, all of my dreams are about this
3. Because I am diabetic , one of my eyes i'm blind and want to show how I do not post it to the world
3+1. Im 13 years old, and Im a big SHM fan!! :-)))))
* My birthday is on 6th June, it was a great birhtday present! :-)

Sorry for the language, im from hungary :S
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axwell Send private message Post 22 May 2009, 13:11

bloody hell this is hard!!! Im starting to go through your posts now! Thank you all for posting and giving us some info on yourselves. Its very inspiring actually, and i hope that you all will be able to continue doing what you do. Anyhow, 1st of june is almost here, so i will try and pick a winner!

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Ninomir Send private message Post 24 May 2009, 03:45

First of all wanna say Hi to you Axwell :)
And just wanna say it's a shame you're not playing on this years Exit Fest. Last year you set the place on fire even tho it was 6am i had a feeling like i was just getting started :D

Why should i win your gear.

1.) I got no gear of my own, won't be getting it any time soon probobly too, thoes things are kinda hard to get a hold of here in Serbia. Money and thoes problems, but wont bother with thoes stuff :P. and Whould be cool to give it a try on real mixers.
2.) Curently doing set and stuff on Traktor which aint much of a challange any more, is limited by the keyboard and the mouse. And dont like to be limited by thoes 2 :P
3.) Whould love to have some progress in the future. to be given more oppertunities in the clubs, only had 1 set done in a club so far, and was a small party :S. And i can't make much progress without feeling the real thing :).

anfortunuly i havnt got a pic of me mixing... But thoes will hopefully come in time :)
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Jamie-Gr Send private message Post 24 May 2009, 10:35

I think i should win these because i have never really won anything and never have something whats the best someone always has better things than me, i would like to win just so i can have the better thing for once, plus our family would never be able to afford this so i would like to win and show them whos the better dj :D
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LHM-181 Send private message Post 24 May 2009, 12:02


I want to raise the dj-standard in stockholm since it's pretty crap here, (to much infinity and unimaginative dj-ing), bsides David West who is awesome. And it would be really cool to try out my tunes and develope them in the club. Lastly i just want to spread love and make everyone happy. House music is about love and not infinity.

I don have a dj-pic since im not rly a dj, but a producer, which means that i prob wont "win".
Anyway, i just hope whoever gets your stuff wont play klaas with it, and truly loves housemusic.
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Voyager Send private message Post 26 May 2009, 14:42

Hi!! well, the three reasons are:
- First, it would help me so much, because i don't have the money enough to buy dj equipment in Chile, where i live, it's too espensive.
- I play with a Numark DM-950 and my laptop (which i use mainly to study) so you understand that is an inefficient DJ Gear.
- I will be eternally grateful if i win the equipment, because you will make grow the Latin american electronic music, it would be a huge solution for me, but specially a great great honor.
* I don't speak english very well but i hope you understand the message :)
Check out our myspace:
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simonvuarambon Send private message Post 26 May 2009, 17:13

Hi Axwell ,

i have so many things to tell you about my Djing, but theres someones:

* I live in Santa Rosa, LA PAMPA, ARGENTINA where house music it's not appreciated. They just like Cumbia, Raggaeton.

*I'm Swiss, i moved there when i was 6 (2000) i'm 14 now.

*Cause i will be at Unighted on 4 july. Just for see you and all the guys:)

*And just because i like so much your music, and i hope u will be the n 1 someday :)

Simon Vuarambon.
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jkrisztik Send private message Post 26 May 2009, 22:11

Hello Ax & Guys,
my name is Jozsef, I'm from Hungary.

I'd like to win your first DJ equipment, because:

-music determines my life (I can play the piano, flute, I was a schoolradio-guy for 4 years, now I'm mixing)
-I'm an ambitious Dj, who'd like to improve his mixing skills
-I'm keen on playing music in the clubs
-one day I'd like to be as good as you
-it would be a perfect birthday (20th) gift from the Master
(I get my inspiration from the smiles of people enjoying my music)


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