Calvin Harris - Im Not Alone (Axwell Remix)

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Post marke8114 Mar 2009, 20:17

Does any1 else think this would be a good idea?? I love the song but think Axwell could bring so much more out of it!!
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Post peter01714 Mar 2009, 20:55

calvin harris is amazing producer... just like axwell i would love to hear this but i think axwell is changing his style
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Post ANDREA14 Mar 2009, 21:31

I love this tune! Deadmau5 remix is crap and the hervè remix is too much electro for me! I hope that Ax have made some remixes in this studio time!

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Post daherbst15 Mar 2009, 09:13

I'm not a big fan of him... I'd say there are far more interesting coproduction-options... just mho...

btw: a "dangerous" title... in 2 days this track will float arround everywhere - as a promo of course! ;)