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Post marko07 Apr 2009, 18:30

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peter017 wrote:
daherbst wrote:And I don't care about Prydz's or Guettas or The Backstreet Boy's upcoming album - and I guess Axwell as well.

Still hope that 2009 will be the Album year!
yeah actually i hate that Prydzmania as well as guettas... :D
Why? I like Eric very much. First of all he produces only bomb tracks under three different names (Pryda, Cirez D., Eric Prydz) and that is fucking amazing. Second he is excellent dj with great technical skills and mention that he play tracks away from some commercial thing. So he is definitely my favorite second dj and producer on the world. Third place is Dubfire and that is where I cross my line. Axwell, Prydz, Dubfire like three different kind of music and they are best in what they do so I like them most.
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Post daherbst07 Apr 2009, 21:27

The point is: why should Axwell's Album be late or just a myth or whatever just because Mr. Prydz's obviously is...

It's nothing against his work of course!
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I worship Axwell
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Post Dirty Sanchez08 Apr 2009, 15:10

Dubfire is awesome... I do not like Sharam's solo work that much because it's not very coherent, I don't know if his sound has any direction or he is just putting out stuff to see what sticks... Im gonna check out his solo album, he was kind enough to give me a promo in Miami... let's see how it goes :D

About the Axwell album, maybe it's just a myth, people!! :lol: Id say for now let's enjoy the whole LTWB release, upcoming remixes, all the new stuff on Axtone and just roll with it, I'm sure Ax is cooking a good summer, album or not. Ax himself will most likely update us on this anyway :)