Seb Ingrosso Vs Daft Punk - Laktos Vs One More Time

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Post peter01726 Mar 2009, 20:42

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i think key search for tracks can be found in ableton too
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Post ANDREA26 Mar 2009, 20:50

Yes also Acid Pro have it! :) But it will help me...

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Post smoove27 Mar 2009, 13:37

mixed in key is a very good piece of software, i do not religiously use on my live sets, but it will help you on that moment when you don't know which track to play next, just choose a same key one and you are probably fine.
If you are creating an "planned" mix, using live, it is amazing, it will help you let you mix flowing like hot lava! lol
about the mash-up it doesn't work for me either, but keep up and something good surely will come out.