Leave The World Behind (Dirty South Remix)

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Post Halcyon17 Apr 2009, 23:02

Latest post of the previous page:

http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/house/ ... 66025.html

Available on Track It Down already ;)
Biggest remix from Dirty South, according to me of course :D
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Post marko18 Apr 2009, 07:41

I've just listened Dirty South in full 320 HQ and ORIGINAL is still ORIGINAL. I must admit that SHM is hard to beat. What they do is just masterpiece.
So what ever you think about remixes i will stay behind SHM work and just wait part 2. ;)
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Post jeanp18 Apr 2009, 10:20

where?? :D
WTF!! Image

i really hate this!!
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Post Blau-Weiß18 Apr 2009, 14:40

I must confess the sample sounds nice indeed, but its still not that "bomb", its even "softer" than the original..
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Post ANDREA18 Apr 2009, 16:01

I've listened to this remix and I think it's great! I prefer the original but also this sounds nice, it's true it's softer but maybe works very well in a club! :)
Amazing remix! :D

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Post Maximillion18 Apr 2009, 17:46

The DS version is nice, but nothing compared to the original, but I am curious to see how the other mixes are!

Anyways, I think there has not been a single remix done for an axwell production, where I would immediately would say, that it is better than the original, the only ones I really like are the edx mix of www and dubfire's mix of IFU!
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Post mnewman18 Apr 2009, 22:22

jeanp wrote:i really hate this!!
Beatport must have an exclusive for the US, but it's not up yet! =P
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Post djsiege19 Apr 2009, 12:12

This remix is f*cking ace! Love the original, and I think that that works the best in clubs, but what dirty did with the track is just awesome.. It's so emotional, just great :D
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Post Antonius19 Apr 2009, 12:53

actually i don´t like the dirty south mix very much ...
The original is so much better and more powerful.
I expected more of dirty south.
Yeah the track is nice and emotional but the original is already emotional enough.
Would be cool if a more powerful or dirtier version of this song comes out.
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Post eclip19 Apr 2009, 13:52


Original is much better!
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Post Kosi19 Apr 2009, 14:53

original is def more cluby but the dirty south remix is magic. the part @ min 3:30 :o