Leave The World Behind (Dirty South Remix)

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Post MikeCasa21 Apr 2009, 16:26

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I bet trackitdown learned their lesson, theyre such a no-name site anyways..

The violin is retardedly sick. Its so emotional. I would love to sick Dragan make another violin track! Ive been doing the Seb violin move since this track came out!
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Post peter01722 Apr 2009, 13:50

hmm i dont like this remix... i mean the violin is great but else is something like lower level of LTWB.... im playing violin edit of original LTWB made by Fred Lilla... btw thx fred very nice job done it sounds almost same as dirty south's and it was made earlier than this one came out
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Post Mutu22 Apr 2009, 16:48

hmm.. smooth track!

not really dirty south's best remix... but like it anyways!

good job!
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Post axwellfan23 Apr 2009, 15:43

great tune!