axwell or swedish mafia interviews miami 09????

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Post logico06 Apr 2009, 01:38

Does anybody know if axwell or the mafia made any interviews during wmc that surfacing around?
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Post paulanthony06 Apr 2009, 11:37

yeah... been looking around too, but I didn't find anything... would be very cool!
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Post MikeCasa14 Apr 2009, 15:04

i was about to make this exact same thread. We need more interviews with Javier Gonzalez (mad props to anyone that knows who Javier Gonzalez is)
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DJ Gear: wow thats going to be a long list. Ill post it later

Post antifmradio15 Apr 2009, 01:58

too bad we couldnt get a hold of him in time before the WMC
would have loved to interview him for our radio station

Ill check the listings and see when he is going to be in the area again so we can try to setup a V-interview (video included interview)