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Post Noir07 Apr 2009, 07:40


Noir Music gives you a rather uplifting tune with this new James Talk tech-basher.
Oldschool piano and well-planted vocals sit tight with the techy feel on this sunstroke from the UK.
Already championed by Pete Tong on the Essential Selection and check the great reactions from Mark Knight, Dubfire, Laurent Garnier, Tom Novy, Audiojack and many more below.

8Bit’s golden boy and headhoncho Gorge takes the track deeper, more organic and gives the whole package soul. For those of you who already love the sound of 8Bit and Gorge….. you will love this one…. For the rest of you….. start your Gorge journey here and fall in love.

Oliver Dahl has already gained huge success with his tracks Rien, Villo & Joa on Noir Music and with his unique productions Mr. Dahl once again delievers a 100% full on techno effort destined to please the primetime and late night heads. Oliver Dahl is the one to watch for 2009.

https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... 0Beginning

Early Reactions:

Please send the 320kbits of this release.

Wahou .... good release. The Original is very strong : good groove & melodie ; i love it so much.
The Gorge remix is more cool, good for a warm up or a good Before.
Oliver Dahl rmx, always with his fat kicks, i love it too.
Laurent Garnier

Love the Oliver Dahl mix
Mark Knight

Played on the Essential Selection.
Pete Tong

Love the James Talk mix
Tom Novy

Original and Gorge remix both sound really cool!

Some real hot shit! Love all mixes!!!
Eddie Thoneick

Wow, what a package...all three remixers on top form here! Will be supporting this package for sure.
Filthy Rich / Spektre

We love original and Oliver Dahl remix .. really good tracks, we´ ll play it
David Amo & Julio Navas

Gorge remix is very close to my soul, Oliver Dahl remix is what i love to play. Full Support. Much Respect!

Solid release here! Oliver Dahl Mix is my pick.

The original is really nice, but a bit too uplifting for me. The Dahl remix is my one. Deep and groovy.

All mixes are wicked, really like GORGE's take on it, really cool but the Oliver dahl is kicking it for me.
Good stuff
Daley Padley

Wicked EP mate, loving the Gorge mix in particular, great warm up material.
Anil Chawla

Been rocking the original .. Really like olivers remix too…
Matt Samuels

We are into the Gorge remix!
Nikitin & Semikashev

Wicked Stuff!
Dave Robertson

I like Oliver Dahl Remix!!
Andrea Roma

James Talk original roxxx.

Excellent release, Feeling all 3 mixes. Gorge is definitely my favorite. Will Support!
Carlo Lio

Gorge is one of my favourite producers at the moment and I LOVE his mix here.
Great groover, will play and chart.
Tim Weeks

Thanks for this, Original mix has a great summer vibe, load me up!!
James Fitch / Prok & Fitch

Originals wicked & also liking the Gorge mix, very nice
Ben Prok / Prok & Fitch

Great Package! Fav is Gorge & Oliver Dahl Mixes
Norman Zube

Gorge Mix is what we NEED.

The Oliver Dahl remix for me, will play for sure.
Dj Remy

Nice pumping track from Mr Talk – extremely well produced, crisp, with some lovely use of effects and builds. Best mix is Oliver Dahl which builds into a real monster but it’s probably a tie break between the original and Dahl. Cool release. Hope it’s a hit.
Dj Paulette

Wicked tune here mate. perfect for the summer ahead. likin the Oliver Dahl mix.
He is makin a good impression on me at the moment.
Chris Special

Love the talk track wil play it wmc for sure
Baggi Begovic

Another blistering package. The original is delivers old skool cool with new school sounds, Oliver has taken things into 5am filth and Gorge delivers deep house delights for the early hours. 10/10
Filth & Splendour

Love this James Talk original...one of my fav tracks ive heard all year...gunna be a big WMC tune.
Larry Granite / Granite & Phunk

Yes Yes Yes, Original mix for me, love the retro piano flex, wasnt expecting that! In tha box
Martin Ikin / Soul Purpose

Another great release..hard to choose a fav mix..
Really like the original fantastic surprise with the piano!
Gorge mix is very great, i think it will get good play in the summer! very good feeling, good cuts with the vocal..
My fav hang on the beach with a drink mix :)
Oliver Dahl is still one of my favs, groove on! fantastic dark feel to the vocal..!
Chris Count

Wicked package all round.
Gorge mix does it for me! lovely stuff.
Asher Jones / Rhythm Code

Really like the Gorge remix. Exactly like the sort of stuff I'm playing @ the moment.
Nice deep groovy house. Will defo be spinning this
Cozzy D / D Dub

Great release again man!

I really like the original on this release.
Love the deep housey vibe. Especially the strings!

Each of the 3 mixes has something different to offer so no idea which ill play more!!
All sound pretty good!
Agent Greg

Great stuff, Full support, will play for sure!
Sarah Main

Full support for the Gorge remix!!!
Frederic / Nudisco

THANKS a lot for this new promo. Wicked release mate!!!
It's what I call a groove machine. My favorite goes to the Gorge mix. Pure beauty of a track!!!
Can't wait to test it @ Shove this weekend.
Dan Welton

Original Mix is fantastic
Dave Lambert

What a f*cking ACE package, i love all 3 mixes, gonna hammer them for sure!
Yves Eaux

Gorge remix is great for warm up
Marco G

Love the original with its old school vibe!
Tony Senghore

Really like it, Gorge Remix is a bomb!
Rafael / Plastik Funk

James Talk original mix is BRILLIANT!!
David Gausa

The Gorge remix is Tasty!!
Sebastian Davidson

Gorge remix is nice for my warmup sets.
Oliver Dahl is massive as hell!!! Amazing peaktime stuff!!! LOVE IT!
Snake Sedrick

Its a big package!!!! I really like all versions ….they are very cool!
Maybe Gorge and Oliver Dahl Remiesx are mostly for me… my style!!
Simon Vitullo

Gorge Remix for me... Original is good too.
Tim Andresen

WOW..... the Gorge remix is sooo good! Will get LOTS of plays by me!!
David Sense

Wow.. love the gorge mix
Nolan Kane / Sick Robot

James Talk original is great!
Gorge mix is good too!
Steve Parry

All quality but the dahl rmx is the one for me to play…top stuff
Gaz James

Im liking the James Talk remix on this! I hav to play this out! supporting!
Ben Dela Pena

Another great release from the Noir Music camp
Love all mixes a mix that suits all times at night !!
Got my support...

Huge Support for Oliver Dahl Mix.

Strong release! Like all 3 mixes and will deffinately play them in my sets.
Timothy Fall

I first heard this when Pete Tong played it on Radio 1 ages ago. Its wicked, I love it ! Its all about the original in my opinion, a real old skool feel to it.
Al Redmond

Like the original, nice piano hook.
Dan McKie

Gorge mix out of the three for me, be good for warm up use.
Edgar Jack

Oh yes, cool release.
Mike WIlliams

The "Oliver Dahl mix" is the one for me.
Ron Costa
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Post Noir10 Apr 2009, 08:17

James Talk - The Beginning (Gorge Remix) - Noir Music

3 days after the release......
No. 6 on Beatport deep house chart.
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... tPopular=1

also out now:

Noir & Sivesgaard - Vitek (Incl. Rodriguez Jr. Remix) - Parquet Recordings
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... 5720/Vitek

Supported by: Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy, Patrice Bäumel, Dj Hell, Sebastien Leger, Chris Lake, Einmusik, Dataworx etc.
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Post Noir14 Apr 2009, 11:26

No. 1 - Beatport Deep House Chart

Thanks to the supporters:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... tPopular=1
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Post Andy_Brinkhaus16 Apr 2009, 01:57

i like your music noir and i always respect your work as a producer and other producers work


maybe its only my opinion

but i think that heres too much comercial shit from so many producers...

pls calm it down a little :/

this is still the axwell forum :/ and it seems to me like theres a new thread every 2nd day for a new bp release