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Post TONYLOVELY08 Apr 2009, 07:50 ... r_embedded

any clue?==

thanx in advance

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Post ValentinP08 Apr 2009, 08:39

We know this track under the name of "I Feel Myself"

But no more informations on it..... :cry:
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Post daherbst08 Apr 2009, 11:29

Just to accomplish:

The name of the track is def NOT: I feel myself - it's not even a working titel - the only thing we know is that it's an Axwell production... and we're waiting for further details since 6 months ;)
leo atlan
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Post leo atlan08 Apr 2009, 13:43

This sound is simply amazing

Leave The World Behind and i Feel myself are the best all over the world
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Post MikeCasa13 Apr 2009, 16:22

I've given up all hope regarding this track being released. It's so good yet its somewhere in the back of ax's logic folder
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Post Byron13 Apr 2009, 17:15

What the hell is I Feel Myself????Do you even know what this means!!! :lol: :lol: