Open Your Heart (Performed Live By Rudy) (Video)

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I worship Axwell
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Post Byron22 Apr 2009, 07:44

[youtube] ... -fresh+div[/youtube]

Really cool to see it live!
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Post Blau-Weiß22 Apr 2009, 08:13

yeah really nice, but people seem to be not drunk enough or there are to many klaas-fans :lol: ;)
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Post daviDJ23 Apr 2009, 23:12

yep, cool... whats with the people :shock: ...such a massive tune live, but they are sleeping... :?:
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Post Petter24 Apr 2009, 19:09

Wow, Rudy has a great voice! but that is definatly not an axwell or dirty south gig! I wish Ax brought one of his vocalists to sing live @ at gig one time. That would be siiiick! Perhaps Inox this summer?
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