"SoulSpeak" by DJ Eric Rosen

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Keeptheflow Send private message Post 24 Apr 2009, 08:26

I have a brand new mix for all of you, hot off the presses...

"SoulSpeak" by DJ Eric Rosen

SoulSpeak has a bit of everything on it + spans the gamut of the highs + lows of life.

Every now + again there's a mix that just takes a bit longer than the rest to complete the creative process and this is one of them.

The mystics say that the soul, just before its born into this world, is kicking + screaming because it doesn't want to get put into this world, trapped in a body for the next 90 years, + the minute it gets put in the body, it switches gears 180 degrees + doesn't want to leave.

The soul has a lot to say, + music is the greatest medium we have for hearing the message.

This mix dives right into into an vast sea of psychedelic grooves + seriously musical tunes, managing to rise to the heights of the mountaintops before diving right back down to the bottom of the musical ocean, only to come right back up for air + do it all over again.


Listen here: http://www.waxdj.com/djs/17

Enjoy the trip :)