Guetta, Ingrosso, Dirty South & J.McKnight - How Soon is Now

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Post prosens14 Aug 2009, 00:50

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EvenSteven wrote:Someone who can post the lyrics?
After tonight, there’ll be no coming home soon
No tears of regret, no smell of her perfume
No more dancing feet, to beats that go boom
While I watch the sunrise all alone in my room

Tonight there’ll be no pouring rain
No eyes wide shut to your never ending game
After tonight there’ll be no me and you
No distant memories past for me to hold on to

See everybody’s working to hold on to what they know
So I guess I kept belive in my tonight will never go
Some spend a lifetime searching trying to figure out
When hell stops and heaven begins…

How soon is now?

I think this song is just great,, might be even better than LTWB.
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Post Marco14 Aug 2009, 09:38

Great! The perfect mix of styles from Sebastian, David and Dirty South.
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Post ANDREA14 Aug 2009, 11:08

Marco wrote:Great! The perfect mix of styles from Sebastian, David and Dirty South.
Great! The perfect mix of styles from Sebastian and Dirty South.

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Post daherbst14 Aug 2009, 17:18

Well... I guess I am the only one you is not THAT hyped by this track...

The Vocals are great - I love her voice - just wonderful...
The track is rocking, and I certainly gonna play it - BUT - for me, it's not really a milestone ...
The whole style of the track reminds me a bit too much on C'mon Lady and the sound is now of course great - but I would say in a few weeks it's "boring"...

Anyway - still big respect to the guys - especially to Mr. Ingrosso! This guy had a great year - LTWB, Laktos/Kidsos and now How Soon Is Now ... so def a great year for him so far...

Even if Mike hates me, but I would say he left Angello behind...