Illegal downloads: what's your opinion

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Dirty Sanchez Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 13:18

I just wanted to know what's your opinion on illegal downloads... I think it's a very interesting topic to discuss... This is what Steve Angello said about it some months ago on his blog:


HI Guys ! i have been really pissed off the last couple of days !!!!!
i fucking hate people putting our music for download on there bloggs and so on !
we work our asses off in the studio to make a track , we put money into remixes , artwork , marketing , webbased promotion , promotional downloading systems and so on , to get everything right ! and then what happends ??? well some kid gets ahold of the track , don´t ask me how , and gives it away for free ?!?!?!?!?
honestly what the fuck is wrong with people ?
one thing they don´t understand is that if we cant sell our music and break even we wont put out more music , and producers will stop producing music cause they can´t live a life where everything is free !! young producers stop making music cause they can´t pay there bills , eat food or things like that !
why the fuck do people want to ruin another persons carrer ???
why can´t people just go to itunes , beatport m juno , djdownload or any other mp3 store and just buy a track ? it´s one dollar !!!!! if it continues like this i wont make any more tracks and i wont release music on SIZE , i´ll stop it unless people start respecting other peoples businesses ..... i feel bad for all those young new label owners that are struggling everyday to pay there bills , and all those young producers who wont get payed for remixes cause labels dont make money !
dont you get it . when you share music you will get one less producer each day !
if you continue like this people will stop doing records and stop releasing on there labels ! cause it´s to expensive to run a label for free !!!

Steve Angello ... ement.html


I've heard other DJs like David Guetta say they know their music is becoming more famous because of this...What do you guys think about this?
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Tim Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 13:40

I think it's inadmissible that Angello keep selling shit such as Gypsy 8-)
He's still right but i don't believe a comment like that will change people mind
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Mutu Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 14:50

wow, angello is really pissed off !
but he`s perfect right..
anyways, its hard words from a top dj&producer as he is..
I got nothing but luv' for you !
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Dirty Sanchez
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Dirty Sanchez Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 16:46

My opinion is that he is right in essence, because music is also a business, and when someone's business is not profitable... you close it. Then again, Internet has also helped make Steve Angello and several other DJs, singers... way more famous than they could be just based on actual releases... I usually buy promo singles and also do some legal downloading on iTunes because, as Mr. Angello says, it's only one dollar per song, but then again, you have to understand that without the Internet, it's hard to think several artists would be able to enjoy a global market like they do know. If Angello is known to electronic music fans worldwide is mainly because of Internet. And with no global market there's no fame, no gigs all around the world... So, as I said, I do think he is right, but he can't ignore the benefits of Internet for his career.
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Housegezeichnet Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 19:05

if angello would be a pop or urban producer i would say ok he's right, but c'mon...
these guys get paid 1-5000€ or even more for a 2-3 hour set and on steves myspace i count 34 gigs until october so after a bit of calculating he won't be a poor man even if nobody would buy his tunes

i've heard from many peoples including label owners in the edm scene "you won't get rich with a hit because people buy your vinyl or mp3 but because many bookers out there get your attention"
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paulanthony Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 19:32

I think angello did overexagerate pretty much...
I think that this whole download thing does in fact benefit the artists since it really spreads their names a lot more...
I'm not an expert on this, but I think, that the business for djs in the future doesn't lie in selling records anymore (dunno if it ever did), but in playing gigs and if you get some more promotion through the net, so be it. in the end they will benefit...anyway, thats my opinion... I do buy tracks though, because i feel, that if you really care for the music, you should support it all the way...
btw i cant stand angello's attitude. I mean he cancelled 2 of his gigs in vienna and i've heard of some others as well, so him being all about correctness and support stinks... :evil:
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Dirty Sanchez
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Dirty Sanchez Send private message Post 29 May 2008, 20:14

That's it... And I mean, I've made sure I go watch him live when he comes around (mainly ZOO Club in Sanxenxo, Spain... I saw him there last year and I'll go back this 21st of August) and I spend my good money to buy tickets for the show... And without the Internet he likely wouldn't have so many gigs lined up... I think the money they might be losing to illegal downloading has it's positives: they don't have to spend that much on promotion, their records are heard all over the world, they create new markets for their music... I mean, look at Angello's MySpace and you'll see he's going to be all over the world this summer, from Ibiza to Bucharest, from Manchester to Moscow, from Portugal to Geneva, from Dubai to Croatia... So the thing is yes, they are losing money because of illegal downloads, but then again, they are also benefiting in other ways. And, once again, I want to say I DO download legally...
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Dean Hili Send private message Post 31 May 2008, 17:51

i had read that statement before... and thought ide rather ignore it.

i dnt spose he can call himself poor...can he?

there used to be a time when djs made music to make money, now most of them do it so people have sumthing to talk abt, and keep themselves famous. they make money elsewhere of course, playing allover the globe - with the help of the internet. he can hardly complain mr.steve i guesse. + its about time angello got a new bag of tunes...its becoming to get rather old with the "be" and the rest of the tracks his been playing since the start of 07
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julian Send private message Post 31 May 2008, 20:07

seriously. i do get his point, and hes right, stealing music is niot ok.

but, what he does is just ridiculous. I dont know why, but his tracks take ages to be released (IT espcially) and, whats even worse, they more and more lack quality. Gypsy as someone already sad is a fuckin joke, its so horrible.

But (yeap another one), what i find most disturbing, is his lack of effort, espcially when it comes to live sets. Everytime i hear somebody reporting about a Steve Angello Set, they say: he was wasted, pushed the faders down all the time screaming: "do you like music?" and his mixing was worse than normally. In addition, he plays the same cheap songs all the time. Ax always comes up with something new and fresh, but steve just plays the same fuckin songs every gig, acting like jesus himself. Dude, its about the music. Sure its about partying, but just because you had a few hits, doesnt mean you only have to go there drink and do the same boring crap all the time. actually i want to know, if he even cares.

so if he, being that unprofessional, threatens with quiting making music, i can just say: who the fuck cares? i dont think the edm scene needs him that desperately.
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Kris Kay Send private message Post 01 Jun 2008, 12:51

This has been discussed many times before.

What gets me is that the lables are saying (were talking about the big lables here) to people like Coldplay and Radiohead. Ok well put your album free online.

How the hell does that work out, one minute thay are comlaining that they are loosing money and the next minute they are putting it on the web for f****ng free. Now how do you explain to the younger kids that when they see an album online. How you you tell them, ok this you can download for free as the record company says you can but this one you cant! There is no explanation or boundary there anymore.

It's all double standards. Someone needs to come out with some kind of accaptable DRM which just works end of. Music has become something of a free commodity now a days. People want the latest and greatest first, i cant see this changing and people are always going to download music for nothing where they can get it. The internet should be as free as it can be but i also think that it should be policed in a manner which protects artist and individuals from illegal activity. I dont think it should be "monitored" but there should be a set of INTERNATIONAL laws of which people need to agree to before using the web.
You get all these dodgy off-shore sites like the pirate bay moving around all the time to aviod in country legislation, if there were a set of international rules a web site hosting illegal activity could be shut down immediatley after it has been repoerted.

Going back to downloading music:

If the artists dont make money from thier records then the price they charge for performing live will just go up and up. Then the price of the tickets will just increase and many people will be priced out of clubbing which will kill the entire club land.

If your charged £30 for a ticket into a club you may think twice about going as the capacity is not that of a stadium the price is alot higher.

People like Coldplay, Prince etc can put thier albums online free or give them away in the paper as they will charge more for tickets but they can recover this cost as they fill out concert halls and tour to 60,000 people a time not a 1,000 club capacity.

People are just to greedy now and want something for nothing this is spurred on by people not knowing the boundaries they can and cannot cross and the state of all our economies at the minute i cant see things getting any better.

I 100% agree with Steve and its going to take alot of people to shout about it to get it heard. I hope people here fully support paying for your music.

KK/ :mrgreen: