Illegal downloads: what's your opinion

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Post by marko » 13 Jun 2008, 11:12

Steve is absolutely right. People must show some respect to producers. Especially people who call them selves some dj's. Most of dj's just download music from blogs and other shity pages and play in clubs. Buy the way last year in my country authorities impound lot and lot of mp3 music and laptops from dj's in the clubs. I'am not the dj but I always buy music on beatport. Cheers!!!
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Post by Dirty Sanchez » 06 Jul 2008, 11:53

This new interview from Angello shows the man's gone through some difficult times before reli making it, so that explains his huge concern about free downloading.

By the way, I've just mentioned in another topic how David Guetta was planning to release 'Jack is back' for free already some months ago, and now here it is... It's kinda curious, cos Guetta has spoken publicly in favour of illegal downloading, like in this interview:

Both man are close, btw... Steve's a regular at Guetta's FMIF parties, they produced together for 'Pop Life'... Interesting to see how different their opinions are.
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Post by Iammesol » 08 Jul 2008, 12:30

Proper response by Guetta, though he doesn't run a label like Steve does.