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Post Petter09 Jun 2009, 21:04

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family guy is the best! huge fan! ;)
Can' believe people actually watch simpsons. Hmmm... maybe I should give american dad a try ;)

On topic:
I really hope I can come to Ibiza this year. Hopefully my schedule allows me to! :)
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Post Byron09 Jun 2009, 21:12

Yeh American Dad is funny too...but i can't wait for the cleveland show,it's a spin off from the cleveland charater from Family Guy.. ;)
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Post vaz17 Jun 2009, 13:54

axwell wrote:FAMILY GUY!!!
oh yes, thank you for that compliment!
I have seen ALL family guy episodes, i love it so much, i love it so much i had to see ALL american dad episodes as well!
I discovered family guy quite late, last summer i think, and i had it in my iphone and i was watching the seasons non stop the whole summer, time did really fly! I love it so much, until they ask me to write an episode for family guy im gonna try and make my everyday life even more like family guy episodes.
HAHaaaa, NO WAY!!!

Yes, yes, yes, sick, sick, sick, Family Guy is THE SHIT! And just when you think "come on, this is just too sick/funny, it doesn't get more twisted than that", they just push the limit even further!!! EVERY FUCKING TIME!

And you're right, Byron, it's like a religion! God bless twisted humor.

FG got me offtopic... The dark forest looks SEXY AS HELL. Too bad Ibiza won't be one of my destinations this summer :x


The Forest reminds me of Cirque du Soleil, which I loooooove...