Nathan C & Dex - The Box (Featuring Remixes By Peter McGill

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NATHAN C & DEX - THE BOX (Featuring Remixes By Peter McGill And Ant Brooks)

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The EP Inc:

1. The Box (Original Mix) ►Click Here To Preview On Your Player

2. The Box (Peter McGill Remix) ►Click Here To Preview On Your Player

3. The Box (Ant Brooks Deep Down Remix) ►Click Here To Preview On Your Player

●Available Now to Download Exclusively On BEATPORT - Limited CD Edition

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Release Info :

•The Box (Original Mix) - The keyboard work bounces like a spring atop a solid bass-beat foundation in a straight up danceable groove. If this Original take doesn't get you hopping, then you're probably wearing a cast on both legs.

Peter McGill Remix - if that weren't enough, McGill takes it up a few notches. Forget time; forget all your troubles, this one swallow you whole and refuses to let go. Lose yourself in this one and enjoy it while it lasts. McGill adds extra drive to the rhythm and ensures even those wearing casts on both legs will be hopping around to it too.

Ant Brooks Deep Down Remix - The bass hook is the beauty to this one. The room is given an extra dose of shake, rattle and roll, ramping up the vibe to what seems like a massive peak. But now I'm torn between this one and the McGill Remix!

Each track has a different shade of bounce and is certain to get those bodies flying either way!

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