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Post Mxtone17 Jun 2009, 14:33

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Kosi wrote: same here!
Gypsy is horrible but Isabel or Flonko for example are really great!
maybe to u mate ! i think its unbeatable if mashed with sweet dreams !but again thats what steve is good at , digging at different styles to ppl into his sounds !
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Post husajfa17 Jun 2009, 21:05

isabel is quite good (i do like the melody) but it's completely different to gypsy / flonko / valodja / che flute

gypsy and valodja the worst for me, flonko isn't so bad (for big name like Steve Angello it's poor but for another artists would be nice and quite original), che flute has nice positive feeling, rest folk stuff is shit imo

still wait for any sample of alpha baghera
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Post MikeCasa17 Jun 2009, 22:34

daherbst i know man, dont worry man were tight! i laughed so hard out loud when i saw your comment :)
Thx knoxy.

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