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Post by ronn » 29 May 2008, 10:08

axwell wrote:yeah, i had rich from hard fi here the last week, we did a track together. After all this remixing, it was about time! So, i got another track to finish now...i guess there wont be much vacation this summer...well, more songs - more happiness.

Anyhow, hopefully you will see more "behind the scenes" stuff in the near future. Just got to figure out how to "film/photo it" , and "upload it" so to speak...
Sweet! Would be great to have an MTV cribs style tour of Ax's music temple :D Instead of the bedroom, this time you should use the studio for the quote 'This is where the magic happens' :D
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Post by paulanthony » 29 May 2008, 11:29

Woh, man another track!!! :D Pretty busy at the moment... Great news!
some behind the scenes footage would be great indeed! Looking forward! :)
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Post by Kuisma » 29 May 2008, 11:39

I might just shed a little tear of joy. :')
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Post by Dirty Sanchez » 29 May 2008, 13:38

That's great news, Axel!! I just can't wait to hear all this new material... Your work with Hard-Fi's 'I shall overcome' and 'Hard to beat' was awesome... I like the fact that you don't just put out song after song, but rather take your time to make sure that when you put something out there, it becomes a big hit.
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Post by Pieschi » 29 May 2008, 15:43

WORKAHOLIC :mrgreen:
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Post by Squid » 30 May 2008, 13:24

Damn Axwell, you're such a busy boy ;) Can't wait for the releases :D
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Post by ANDREA » 30 May 2008, 18:40

more songs - more happiness. :D :D :D never felt thing so right. ;)

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Post by Bimmlu » 04 Jun 2008, 02:31

Does anyone know the name of the drumkit on the picture?
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Post by lifesabeat » 04 Jun 2008, 06:01

Another track! :)

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Post by Mutu » 04 Jun 2008, 19:13

cant wait for photos "behind the scene"
that would be cool ^^
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