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julian Send private message Post 25 Jul 2009, 19:39

Bottom post of the previous page:

why should prydz lie on an interview for a small internet board?

im sure he does his own mixing/mastering
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Anthony Weeling
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Anthony Weeling Send private message Post 15 Aug 2009, 08:29

A studio is making his mastering.
And it even takes about 700$ / track.

Appart from that,
I would seriously doubt Mr Prydz doesn't have a studio though, he might produce on his Macbook, he must have a room, where he can monitor his work, and it may be small, this is what we call a "home-studio" ;-)

He's a great producer, but don't trust what people say to media.
He obiously doesn't want to influence people's choice by saying what he uses, plus as you know, he's not much of a media-man, pretty mysterious.

But, I'd say (by using Logic & hearing his stuff) he mostly uses Logic's synths, plus some Analog emulation AUs, and Waves stuff.

So yes, true he uses a laptop on the move, as a lot of great DJs do, they are always on the move, so NEED to produce on a laptop most of the time.
But of course they have a studio !!

Some say it, others don't !