Axwell Best Track?

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peter017 Send private message Post 04 Aug 2009, 22:38

Bottom post of the previous page:

for me best tune from axwell is
Moby – Slipping Away (Axwell Vocal Mix) or Original remix for adelle :)
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Marco Send private message Post 05 Aug 2009, 17:48

Too hard to make a choice!
I love "Feel The Vibe" (great vocals by Tara McDonald, god bless her! :lol: ), but also the Remode Mix of "I Found U" (another great vocalist!).
But between those, I put "Tell Me Why". Amazing!!! :o :o :o :o
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Maximillion Send private message Post 06 Aug 2009, 07:57

It's really hard to give the fav Production, Collaboration and Remix, but my Favourite Edit/ Mash Up is 123 vs two months off!
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Charles Send private message Post 08 Aug 2009, 23:57

I don't agree with the fact of making a ranking a songs. Because I reckon Art has nothing to do with something you can evaluate. But if had to say which one give me so many feelings, so far,

I would say : I Found You (Classic Remix) and then Feel The Vibe

Also I'm a bit worried about the fact that remixes such as World hold on and Transatlantic flight never appears in rankings. I would not consider them as the best Axwell has done. But i reckon thoses remixes are great.

Just a question : why don't you consider Tell me why as a remix of the original track Smalltown boy ? (i saw people writing that it was a prod or smth...)
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shadow_419 Send private message Post 09 Aug 2009, 02:01

It uses a sample from Smalltown Boy, but it's not a remix.
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Pacman Send private message Post 04 Sep 2009, 18:12

Few persons said "I Found U" :), I have to agree with them. I think that Classic mix is the best production of Axwell.