Why was the forum down?

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Post EvenSteven27 Jul 2009, 02:11

So, just a simple question. Why was the forum down? Have they added/removed something?
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Post daherbst27 Jul 2009, 09:42

No, nothing was added - as Petter said - they had problems with the provider - and finally fixed it! :)
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Post Petter30 Jul 2009, 21:47

The server was overloaded and it took a couple of eternities to fix the problem. Hopefully it won't happend again so we can live in happiness without interruption :)

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Post axwell31 Jul 2009, 21:58

sorry about that dudes! horrible situation!! it was down so long i even thought maybe it wasnt worth putting the forum back on...but in the end the ISP sorted it out. So all back. ill be going through this forum properly now and try and read all questions and stuff!
thanks for hanging in there!

right now im in monte carlo, i played jimmyz last night, was really good! had one day to chill the fuck out here today, amazing hotel, the pool has a sand bottom, thats nice....

tomorrow ... st petersburg global gathering, should be good if i remember the st petersburg crowd properly!

and as always the tour continues....

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Post LHM-18113 Aug 2009, 19:39

the world is not the same without axwell forum. It took me a couple of hours to figure out that the forum was down, and i couldnt do anything about it. Anyway, good its back
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Post Dirty Sanchez04 Sep 2009, 10:46

Welcome back everyone, including the Ax-man and myself! :)