Axwell - Feel The Vibe released on Axtone for 2-3 days July

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Post Maximillion02 Aug 2009, 17:05

I know, it's quite a strange heading for a topic, but while I was going throught Beatport at some time in Huly (I think in the middle of July), i went on Axwell, since it was marked with a dot, so new release, and there was a completet, I would say re-release of Feel The Vibe and on the label side it said Axtone, so first I thought, will there be a Feel The Vibe REMODE or what is going on. Then I checked out the Original Mix and astonishingly it was 7.30 long and if I remember correctly, the original Mix is somewhat 6.30 long? Anyways I put the Original Mix in the Basket, but a couple of days later, the full release and the Original Mix, which was in my basket was deleted! I guess some mistake must have happened, but on the other hand, someone from Axtone must have sent all the Versions to Beatport for release! Has anyone else seen this on Beatport?

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Post Halcyon02 Aug 2009, 18:34

Personally, not. :D

Maybe it's a mere territory restriction badly handled by Beatport's managers.
But I don't think there is a Remode or another release of Feel The Vibe from Axtone planned for this summer.
But remember there's the "instrumental mix" version which is similar to the original mix with a longer outro, and the original mix which is as you said 6.30 long (the real difference between both is in the end of the break, one version keeps the snares clapping and the other one doesn't. Yes I know, what a technical point for such a huge hit).
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Post Squid03 Aug 2009, 13:29

What a pity! It would have been great if it was a remode of feel the vibe! 8-)
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Post daherbst04 Aug 2009, 19:10

I'm just happy that FTV comes home to Axtone finally...

Still maybe Axwell's best track... so outstanding!
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Post ANDREA04 Aug 2009, 19:21

it doesn't need a remode! It's just perfect!

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