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Post by kaiser » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:26 pm

Halcyon wrote:I have to say, don't like it at all. Classic mix sounds like a dub mix, Remode is too repetitive.
2008 version is the only thing which can make me happy for the moment. Even if it's great music, they don't have the vibe I was expecting.
agree. however very beautiful tracks. quality house!
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Post by Byron » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:37 pm

Ok i bought the two mixes and i personaly think the classic mix is better...the remode is a bit repetitive imo...
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Post by ryanmiles » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:30 pm

xhyrox wrote:
husajfa wrote:
oskaaar wrote:And finally the day has come... Two years of waiting is over!
not exactly bud :D

it would be ehmm.. nice.. to share with us at least wmc teaser version :oops:
Well, this could be a great deal, what if we get NBL to the 1st place in beatport, and Axwell gives us the WMC Teaser Version??? that would be awesome!

Yes please!!! I want that version too!!Where we have to sign??
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Post by oskaaar » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:54 pm

Just bought the whole release. The original mix is good, but yet a disappointment. The remode isn't anything I'll listen to many times.

The version (vocal mix?) played in Pete Tong's radio show is clearly better than the original mix in my opinion.

My rankings:

1. 2008 version
2. WMC 2010 version
3. The version played at Pete Tong's radio show
4. Original mix 2010
5. Remode 2010

I was SO looking forward to this day, but now I just feel emptiness actually. But of course it's hardly possible to meet the expectations since the hype was raised for two years.

Please Ax, give us the version from 2008. I'm willing to pay 100 € for it on BeatPort!
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Post by Halcyon » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:01 pm

100 € ?
How underestimated...

Just try to find how much Sinclar & Carter gave to Ax and maybe you'll have 1 minute HQ of it.
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Post by DjSassy » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:07 pm

i totally aggree about the WMC teaser version...when i heard that for the first time i just thought...NIIICE..Ax is back with the good old kinda feel the vibe/watch the sunrise ´ish track...FINALLY!
Ofcourse..there is no doubt that the ones released now is quallity as allways..its just ..i def. like the vibe alot better on that WMC teaser video. With the oldschool piano and everything.

I want that one!!

I can pay quite alot for that as well..haha, but i dont think that will make any difference for Axwell :) I just hope that the WMC version gets released as just got so much feelgood in it!
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Post by Tiko » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:39 pm

oskaaar wrote: My rankings:

1. 2008 version
2. WMC 2010 version
3. The version played at Pete Tong's radio show
4. Original mix 2010
5. Remode 2010
Unfortunately I totally agree with this rankings... Thats all!
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Post by Biu_Tze » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:53 pm

Agree also.
I've expected more to be honest.
Hopefully Ax gives us the 2008version or at least WMCversion.
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Post by rtenaglia » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:54 pm

i want the pete tong versioooooooooooooooon
when comes out?????
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Post by Axwell_Maniac88 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:05 pm

for me the 2008 version sucks!!!!!
the best one for me is the vocal version on pete tong essential mix but i like also the remode...i dont understand why u like the 2008 version..