Swedish House Magfia in Bogot√°, Colombia?

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Post xhyrox17 Aug 2009, 16:19

Hello, I was wandering if it's true that the Swedish House Mafia is comming on Oct 31 to Bogotá...

I know this may sound silly but here's the history behind my question: 3 years ago, axwell came to Bogotá on November 3 of 2006... I was only 16 and I really wanted to go, but in that day it was my schools pre-prom (sort of a ball to collect money for the prom).

I hated almost everybody in my school, so I didn't wanted to go, but a friend of mine convinced me to, so I lost axwell, BUT! in the pre prom I found Helena, which is now my girlfriend and future wife, so I'm really sad about missing axwell, but really happy of knowing Helena.

If the SHW is comming, it would be awesome, beside the fact that I will go with my girlfriend, who also loves the SHW (in fact, finding in Colombia someone that is really into house music, or just any tipe of dance music is really hard).

Please help me to know if it is true!

Thank you, xhyrox (I was in the oooooold forum, but I wanted to log today and couldn't, so I had to register again... but I'm an old user)